Lose Yourself to Dance


It is deep winter here in the northern climate that I live in and I feel like a wilted flower who is yearning for the sun. Normally, I love to be outside, walking, playing and just enjoying being out in the world. When it is -1000 degrees out, going outside stops being fun, and when you have a 3.5 year old, even less fun. As I am not independently wealthy and cannot just hop on a plane to somewhere warm anytime I want, (Or better yet, just live somewhere warm for the winter) I have to get creative.

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So what I have been doing is dancing. Yes, dancing. And when I say dancing, I mean putting on some kick-ass, booty-shaking tunes and getting down in my living room. And best of all, I have a great little dance partner who loves to have a dance party as much as his mama. (Dance parties are even more fun when you are dressed up like a Dalmatian puppy.)

There was a time in my life where I danced a lot. Mostly I danced all night long to thrumming basslines with such a joy in my heart and complete and utter freedom in my body. And then the the years go by, time goes on and dancing with abandon doesn't seem to happen anymore. In fact, when I have danced alone in my living room or with my son and husband (family dance parties are highly recommended) it has always had a slight feeling of embarrassment, as if what I was doing was no longer appropriate. But long winters call for desperate measures.

For a while now, I have made a commitment to myself that I will sit less and move more... however that takes form. So far so good. I have a couch, but I rarely sit on it. Instead I hangout on the floor, with my trusty supply of yoga props nearby to help me stretch, roll around or hangout in a supported and relaxed position. But after almost two weeks with freezing temperatures and brief sojourns outside, it isn't enough. Mama's got to move!

Luckily, the other day, my little one suggested having a dance party. We have been having dance parties together since he was in my belly, and when he was a baby, dance party was essential. When he would cry and couldn't settle down, we would turn on the music and dance big swooping movements with him in our arms and without fail, he would quickly settle. So when he suggested dance party, I was all for it. For this particular dance party, I put on Daft Punk's, Lose Yourself to Dance and we rocked out. As I was dancing and listening to the lyrics, 'lose yourself to dance' which is repeated over and over and over in the song, I felt like I had permission to lose myself, to not care, and to just simply move. So good! The endorphins, the smile on my face and freedom in my limbs as I danced around the house. Thanks Daft Punk, to remind me that it is ok and incredibly wonderful to lose myself to dance.

So the moral of the story is, we gotta move. And when you are housebound deep in the heart of winter (or anytime) some of the best movement are the times you aren't thinking about form, not worrying about anything else. Just listening to the beat, the sounds, the lyrics of the music that moves you... moves you on every level.

What music do you listen to that you just can't help to tap your foot, sing with your heart and move with utter abandon?