Movement Mondays: How to watch a movie without sitting on your couch

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Sitting on the couch can feel really good. There is something about cozying up after a long day or on a cold winter night with a blanket, popcorn and a great movie. But what do you do if you got rid of your couch because you know that a furniture free home makes for a healthy body? Or still have the couch, but don't want to sit on it and yet don't know how to sit on the floor comfortably? 

The way I look at it, I might as well keep my body happy by getting some movement in all while enjoying some downtime watching Netflix. This is especially helpful for those with a full and busy life. If you find you don't get enough time to exercise or go to a yoga class, then you can get your movement in doing something you already were going to be doing. This is the advice I often tell my clients and students.

There are so many ways not to sit on a couch. It is actually quite normal to sit on the floor in many different cultures and of course, long before the invention of the chair, humans were sitting in all sorts of different ways. The key is to have varied movement and listen to your body's signals.

Let's look at a few of my favourite floor sitting positions:

Sitting Up:

We have bolsters and cushions to help support us in the various floor sitting positions. Sitting upright without slouching on the couch helps to build spinal stability and functional core strength. If your back starts to get tired or your legs aren't comfortable in one position for too long, then change it up. It's nice to cycle though a couple of different sitting positions so that your hip joints get to experience a greater variety of movement. 

Lying Down

When all you want to do is veg out, there are some great ways to relax on your floor. My favourite way is to do a bolstered psoas release. I'm totally relaxed, but instead of tweaking my back on a soft couch, I'm encouraging a deeper relaxation not just in my psoas muscles but also allowing my nervous system to move toward balance. Disclaimer: If you really want to keep your psoas relaxed and your nervous system calm, if doing a bolstered psoas release, make sure you are watching a light hearted show or movie :)

You can simply relax on a bolster or there are a lot of great stretches and movements you can do while lying down.