Movement Mondays!

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Movement Mondays! A new twist on an old favourite. This week we are tweaking the strap stretch or Supta Padangusthasana for all you yogis out there. I often tell people that if you only have time to do one stretch, this is the one to do. When practiced with a neutral pelvis and attention to alignment, it can help to relieve back pain, keep those tight hamstrings more supple, and create more mobility in your hips.

Your hip joints have the potential for a wide range of movement and there are a bunch of different ways to stretch your legs and hips in this pose. Crossing the leg over the body and out to the side are the two most common ways. Which is great, and today we'll add something a little different. This small variation will yield big results in your hips as you wake up muscle tissues that may not often get a lot of love. For a more detailed tutorial on the strap stretch click here.

How To:

- On your back with a pillow of block supporting your head, place a strap around the balls of your feet, just under your toes.

- Extend your leg so that it is straight.

- Check your pelvis. If you feel your lower back flat on the floor, you've moved into a tucked position. Untuck your pelvis by rocking your pelvis toward your feet and feeling your low back lifting off the ground. Keeping your lumbar curve maintains a neutral pelvis.

- Keep your leg straight and vertical(don't bend that knee!) and then externally rotate your femur bone. Which means, turn your thigh bone out to the side, away from your body. Nothing changes here except the rotation of your thigh. You foot will point out to the right if it is your right leg in the air.

- Breathe. You are simply externally rotating your leg but as you do, you are bringing along some lovely body parts that don't normally feel that love. Hello!!! Enjoy it for at least a few breaths and up to a minute if you can breathe comfortably and then switch sides.

As always, feel free to share and leave a comment below. Happy new legs and hips and have a great week full of delicious movement!