Spring Renewal Day Retreat

Sunday, April 19

9am - 5pm

$105 *includes catered gluten-free, vegan lunch

Mckernan Community Hall- 11341- 78th ave.


Join us for a one day, nourishing mini-retreat to slough off the layers of winter and feel yourself unfolding into the warmth and energy of spring.

Spring is a time of renewal, shifting out of old patterns and planting the seeds of potential. Explore yoga and movement to unwind residual tension, realign and support your nervous system and invite a greater sense of vitality into your life. Find balance with contemplative practices and reconnect into your inner wisdom. 

Life can be busy and so very full and finding time away for oneself can be difficult. Book yourself for one day of deep nourishment and healing movement so that you can feel renewed and recharged. If you are a parent, this will be especially beneficial... or if you are simply a human in our busy culture, the perfect way to take a pause and reconnect within.

Join us in the beautifully renovated McKernan Community hall, centrally located by the UofA.

Retreat Schedule:

  • 9am: Arrive, settle in, drink tea.
  • 9:15- 10:30am: Gentle flowing practice to awaken the body and breath, followed by a long relaxation.


  • 10:30am- 12pm: Discussion and workshop style exploration of habitual movement and tension patterns; how and where they show up in your own body, and how it affects the nervous system and stress levels. Explore how to identify and realign them so that we can feel more vibrant and alive.


  • 12- 1:30pm: Lunch. Catered vegan and gluten free lunch.


  • 1:30- 2:30pm: Continuation of the discussion and practice from just before lunch.


  • 2:30- 4:00pm: Myofascial release and massage with therapy balls. Roll out and reawaken all the nooks and crannies in the body.


  • 4:00- 5:00pm: Gentle restorative yoga and deep relaxation.


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