Movement Mondays: Build a Dynamic Core

Core strength isn't about building a six pack of abs, it is about a responsive and functional core that provides stabilization and strength. We want a responsive core to engage in all different planes of movements and support your body when you are carrying your laundry basket up the stairs, picking up your children or holding and moving any sort of heavy object.

If you are only doing crunches or planks to build your core strength, parts of your core musculature become strong, but other areas end up being missed. This is important because in life we are never just moving forwards and back; we move to the side, we twist, turn, bend and lift. And a functional core is one that has strength in all those planes of movement and allows you to go through these movements with a load in your arms and strength and stability to your body. Keeping your back happy and pain free.

Planks are a common exercise to build core strength. Today's movement practice is adding a little more to your plank to get all the layers of your core working in all sorts of different angles and loads. Super simple and incredibly effective. Once you try it, you will likely notice where you have some weak spots in your core. You may be able to hold a plank really well but then adding a little movement to it will highlight just how much the whole core needs to work while moving, not just in a static position. 

Take a look at the short tutorial video and try it out for yourself. Happy functional core everyone!