Movement Mondays: Everyday Stretch

I've been noticing something lately. My work consists of helping people feel better in their bodies, both in private practice and group class settings, and I'm seeing more and more the wide ranging effects of not moving enough. So many of the physical issues that people have are directly related to their lack of movement. And the more that I work with people, the more I realize that yoga isn't enough, going to the gym isn't enough, going for a run isn't enough. We simply have to move more often in a wide range of motion throughout the day. Which is really why Movement Mondays is here, to get you moving, to get you thinking of your postural habits and get you incorporating movement more often. 

I had a client the other day who works at a desk (who doesn't these days?!) say that she put a timer on so that every 20 minutes she could get up and move. What really surprised her was how fast 20 minutes went, which I thought was a great example at how easy it is to get stuck in one spot for longer than we intend.

 Your body is really smart. Meaning, that it will adapt to the positions you put it in most often. So if you are sitting in a chair, (think of all the different chairs you sit in, your office chair, car, couch.) your body will eventually adapt to the shape of the chair. Which then can cause some of those issues that I see so often in people, low back pain, tight hamstrings, tucked pelvis, and so on. 

So let's stop reading and get moving! Today's Movement Monday is super simple. All you have to do is reach up and stretch those arms. If you think about how you are moving your arms throughout the course of your day, odds are, you are not moving your arms above your head very often. So do right now as you read this. Stretch your arms out to the side then over your head. Ahhhhh.... so nice. 


The Doorway Stretch

Ok, super simple: stretch your arms out to the side and then over your head. Now to add onto that, every time you go through a doorway, pause for a few moments and reach your hands to the top of the doorframe and get a delicious stretch there. I love this and do it all the time. So good. 

Try to do this stretch a few times a day, everyday and your shoulders will thank you. 

Now get up off the computer and go try it right now! 

Have a great week everyone and happy moving!