Movement Mondays: Movement Break is the New Smoke Break

Like it or not, the age we live in requires us to be on computers. If you have been following Movement Mondays you will already have a whole bunch of great ideas to help undo all that computer work and sitting we do as a culture. This week I have a short little sequence to inspire you to take movement breaks throughout the day.  

We all know that smoke breaks are an accepted part of one's workday depending on your job. Now that (hopefully) more people are not smoking these days, is it possible to replace the smoke break with something much better for your body, a movement break!

This short and sweet sequence is my go-to for my movement breaks. I've never been a fan of only doing one yoga practice, once a day. While there are benefits to that way of practicing, moving more often throughout the day has many more benefits to the body and mind. For me, I do little bits here and there and always in context with what I have been doing. A day where I have to spend more time working on the computer means my movement breaks focus on hip and shoulder opening and mobility, along with more of a flow of movement as computer work is very static. 

Enjoy the sequence, make your own variations and keep moving!