Summer Immersion in the Rockies!

Join myself and Kat Boehm in a comprehensive immersion in yoga, movement and meditation. The majestic Rocky Mountains in Golden, B.C. will be the background for 5 days as we navigate the depths of body and mind. Nature and its brilliance, will be an essential part of this training - hiking, exploring and silent walking - bringing us back to the simplicity of fresh air, open skies and deep connection to the natural world.

This comprehensive immersion will unite the practice of yoga; through movement, asana, meditation and time spent immersed in nature. Our body is our vehicle through which we experience the world, and is our most immediate and tangible place to learn about who we are. The most effective way to learn about the human body is to experience it from within. Hands on, movement-based learning will anchor anatomical knowledge for a lifetime.

We will dive deeply into all aspects of our self in this immersive experience, with an emphasis on movement science and biomechanics for yoga asana. During this 5 day immersion, we will look at the body and its individual components, see how these affect the body as a whole and discover how to create a well-balanced vehicle. As well as precise movement education, we will take time everyday to practice mindfulness meditation. Unwinding both the body and mind from holding patterns and deep-seated personal beliefs. Our bodies hold the key to deep wisdom, we only need to slow down and listen.

Our body holds the key to deep understanding and wisdom. It has stories to share about our life; these stories are intertwined within our cells, muscle memory and emotions. The more we understand one’s self, the more we understand others and the world we live in. We look forward to sharing this amazing week with you! For more information about the summer immersion and to register click here. For more information about Kat Boehm click here