Movement Monday! Crawling Variations for Strength & Fun

Movement Monday! Crawling! Laughing! Full Body Movement! That's what this week's movement exploration is all about. I've got some playful crawling variations that will have you smiling, that will make your arms, core, wrists, and all your other parts happy and strong.

Yoga mats can keep us stuck in the same ways of moving, often moving in a linear plane. Which means we can repeat variations of flexion and extension over and over and missing out on a more diverse, well rounded movement experience.

All you need to do to step off that yoga mat and see your whole floor as a place to move around on. These crawling variations are ideas and inspiration for you to move differently, playfully and make you feel wonderful afterwards.

Bonus points if you have kids or grandkids in your life and you invite them to crawl around on the floor with you!


Try these variations out and if you need more inspiration, here are some fun out of the box variations for plank pose.

And if your wrists need a little extra love and support, do this:

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