5 signs you are a modern yogi

5 sign modern yogi.png

5 Signs You Are A Modern Yogi. What is a modern yogi, you ask? It's all of you who have been asking more questions, moving outside of the box (and the yoga mat) and expanding the lens of what a yoga practice looks like in our modern world.

Do any of these sound like you? I had so much fun with this list, I added five more signs you are a modern yogi!

If you can relate to this list, share with the world and most importantly, let's hear your additions to the list in the comments!

Signs You Are A Modern Yogi:

1. You find yourself using the floor and household furniture in your practice (and throughout the day) more than a yoga mat.

2. You don't know what to call the type of yoga you are teaching/practicing.

3. You have an insatiable appetite for learning all about the body.

4. You've broken up with yoga at least once.

5. You've started strength training.

6. You geek out on things like the nervous system, range of motion and mobility.

7. You post more pictures of yourself in a squat in nature than you do yoga poses.

8. Small, subtle movements have become way more exciting to you than big, showy ones.

9. You have more questions than answers about yoga and movement.

10. You have a hard time going to a regular yoga class.

Let's hear your additions to the list!