Movement Monday! 6 Ways to Build Core, Upper Body & Grip Strength with Monkey Bars

Movement Monday! Do you remember how fun it was going across the monkey bars as a kid? Do you have kids that play for hours on the monkey bars and you wish you could still do that? Well you can!

All it takes is some simple progressions to gradually improve your strength and stamina. Even if monkey bars isn't your goal, working on hanging progressions is a super helpful way to increase your strength not only in your upper body and core, but also your grip and your wrists.

Our body does really well when we can provide different loads to the muscles and tissues. Adding an element of hanging, whether it is an overhead hang on a bar, or side hang with your hand on a pole or doorway, it is a fantastic way to give your muscles the diversity of movements they need.

In the video you will learn 6 simple movements and progressions to get you started on building functional strength so that you feel more capable in your everyday life no matter what age or stage you are at. Take your time, start small but stay consistent and you will notice a difference right away.

And most importantly... have fun while you are doing it!!


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