Weekly Yoga Classes

You will mainly find me teaching workshops and trainings. Yet, there is something special about the community that forms with weekly classes. *UPDATE: I'm only going to be teaching one weekly class this fall as I am currently working on creating an online membership class for those of you all around the world. Stay tuned for the launch in the next couple months! To add your name to the waitlist to get more details and exclusive updates for the upcoming online classes, send an email to brea@heartandbonesyoga.com

Tuesdays:  Pre-registered 6 week session 

Cost: $90 for 6 weeks. 

Location: Healing Connections
10548 115 Street (North of Oliver Square)

Time: 7:00- 8:30pm

Sept. 26 - October 31
November 14- December 19
The first session is already half full register soon as space is limited. 
Sign Up: brea@heartandbonesyoga.com

 Pre-Registered Course


Connecting yoga, integrated movement and deeper explorations for a whole body, whole heart practice. *For dedicated practitioners and yoga teachers

October 27- December 1, 2016

Thursday nights: 6:30- 8:30pm.

Cost: $150. 

@ The People's Lodge- 11034- 124st

*Pre-registration Only: breajohnson@gmail.com

Practicing yoga is a process of refinement- the more we practice the more we learn about who we are. This in-depth 6 week course will integrate updated biomechanic and movement principles into the heart-centred approach of a traditional yoga practice. You will learn to listen more deeply and with clarity to the wisdom of your body and build upon the intuitive strength of your heart. 

Whether you are a dedicated yogi or a yoga teacher looking for inspiration and guidance this course will take what you know about yoga and deepen it in a more integrated and functional way. Even the most familiar of yoga postures will feel new again and more advanced asanas will feel more accessible. Learn to read the subtle cues within your own body to uncover hidden tension and movement patterns for more effective teaching and self-practice. 

Each week will be a laboratory for exploration; refining your individual practice, going deeper with workshop-style discussion and learning. Feel nourished on all levels with relaxation and somatic awareness. 

*For Yoga Teachers:

If you are a yoga teacher you will learn how to teach more effectively and creatively with this integrated course. Current research on healthy movement is showing that some yoga postures and cues are no longer appropriate or healthy for the body. This course will provide a relevant and up-dated understanding on asana and movement so that you can better share what you love in a more inspired and supportive way for your students.


Building a Sustainable Yoga Practice Online Course

Starting soon! Sign up on the mailing list to be the first to know...

Current research on healthy movement is showing that some yoga postures and cues are no longer appropriate or healthy for the body. This course will provide a relevant and up-dated understanding on asana and movement so that you can practice yoga and live well in your body for as long as you can. If you are a yoga teacher, you will learn tools and techniques to safely guide your students with clarity and compassion. 

  • Explore common postural habits that we unknowingly bring into our yoga practice and cause wear and tear on joints.
  • How to adapt a variety of yoga postures to make them biomechanically-updated and healthy for physical sustainability.
  • Discover how traditional approaches to hip openers are sneaking past true hip mobility.
  • The two ways you habitually move your shoulders in yoga that keep them tight (and how to change that).
  • To do inversions or not to do inversions, that is the question... and one that we will explore!
  • How to turn your backbends into truly healthy ones for your spine (and hips and shoulders).
  • Ways to integrate natural movement and a sustainable yoga practice into all areas of your life. 
  • Valuable tools for yoga teachers to safely support and teach a wide range of bodies and abilities. 
  • Explore the new definition of what an advanced practice actually looks like.
  • Perspectives on the future of yoga, learning how integrated movement practices are transforming yoga today.

Class Descriptions:

Align & Refine

Not your typical yoga class...

Want a yoga practice that enables you to move and feel better in all of the things you love to do? Align & Refine goes beyond a traditional yoga practice to create whole body movement and deep self-understanding.

What does a typical class look like? 

Align & Refine is built upon a foundation of mindful movement. You will find yourself exploring the difference between flexibility and mobility. You will feel in your body how stabilizing your joints creates a whole new level of strength. You will discover how to address and change your everyday (and even lifetime) postural habits that have snuck into your yoga practice, creating a whole new feeling of freedom in your body.

Through movement, you will build a deeper connection to your inner wisdom. You will experience a practice that is rooted in discovery and grounded in all that makes us human- the good, the bad, the ugly... and be willing to move through it all. 

Restore & Repair

Do you have chronically tight shoulders and hamstrings? Is there an old injury or aches and pains that never really seem to go away? Do you want to improve the way you move your body in all of your activities? Then this class is for you.

We focus on getting into the tight places in our body and learn how to unwind and release chronic stress and tension. Each class will focus on the whole body as we develop core stabilization, strength, and joint mobility. Utilizing healthy alignment you will decrease pain, improve balance, range of motion, posture, flexibility, and strength. Perfect for those new to yoga and any level of fitness. Change the way you move, change the way you feel.