Private Sessions 

Do you want to uncover the root cause of that nagging back pain? 

Is stress taking over your life and you need personalized time and tools to reduce it?

Your body tells a story.

You are unique. The patterns and imprints of the life you have lived are layered throughout your bones, tell a story within your muscles and are held deep in your heart. Some of these patterns and imprints we are aware of; we feel them as chronic pain, migraines, stress or any number of ailments. And others are hiding under the surface, a little more tender and quiet, waiting to be acknowledged.

The stories your body speaks through pain and tension, is a call for change. We begin this change from the ground up, deep on a cellular level to encourage your body to repair, regenerate and revitalize

Does this sound like you?

  • Back pain or neck pain that just doesn't seem to go away no matter what you do, or what bodywork, yoga, pilates or other activities you try.
  • Foot Pain.  You wear orthodics and yet your feet still hurt. You have bunions or plantar fasciitis and don't want them to get worse.
  • Pelvic Floor Disorders. Do you pee a bit when you sneeze or cough? Are things feeling a little different post-pregnancy? 
  • Stress. The stress in your life just doesn't seem to go away and you feel like you don't have any tools left to work with it.
  • Headaches. Many of the root causes of headaches can be a mechanical issue. How you are holding your head and neck, how much tension and stress are you carrying? 
  • Osteoporosis. Find better bone density through simple skeletal alignment.
  • Pregnant. You are pregnant and want to have tools can that aid in a smooth pregnancy and birth experience. You may have pelvic pain, back pain, sciatica or simply a general sense of discomfort and want to be pain free.


I provide a safe, nurturing space. I listen to your needs and concerns. We willstart with your foundation- your alignment- and see how it is affecting your particular issue. I look at the story your body is telling me and we work together to uncover the ways in which you find what you need. Sometimes that might be lying down in a psoas release, held in blankets and stillness. Sometimes laughter will bubble up and other times tears will arrive with their potent capacity for healing. No matter what the session looks like, you will be empowered to create the space in your life and in your body to support lasting change.

What is your story?

  • You might have a job or lifestyle that requires you to sit or stand in one place and for long stretches and you are looking for a program that you can do that will inspire you to move more, find those trouble spots of tension and stress and learn how to manage them. 
  • You are a long-time or even recent yoga practitioner but can't seem to get past a chronic injury and are worried that something in your practice is aggravating it.
  • You love yoga and you are looking for some one-on-one guidance on a specific pose or how to improve your practice in a way that is best for your body.
  • You are an athlete looking to improve performance in your sport and tools to increase recovery time during periods of intense training.
  • You have had physical or emotional trauma and are looking for ways to soothe your physical body and release the muscle memory held there.
  • You know your heart health could be better and want to find supportive ways to improve it.
  • You want to get back to your favourite exercise after injury.
  • Or maybe you don't quite know what you need, but you feel at some deep level that something needs to change.  


$125- Initial 90 minute session. Includes In-depth intake and assessment.

$85- Subsequent 60 minute sessions

$300- 4 session package. Applicable after initial assessment.

For questions or to bookings you can contact