Sacred Seed yoga & ayurveda 300 hour Teacher training & Continuing education

with Brea Johnson, Jai Kai, Aman Rai & guest teacher Kat Boehm


Whole Body, Whole Heart, Whole Lifestyle 

Yoga teacher training for the real world. A sustainable body is one that we take care of today for long term health and vitality. A successful and effective yoga teacher is one that understands and incorporates this approach to whole lifestyle wellbeing. 

A comprehensive training that provides you the tools to integrate Ayurvedic wellness principles with a deeper understanding of yoga and human movement. These skills will equip you to successfully navigate the ebbs and flow of life providing more strength and resiliency both in your own life and in your students.

This 300 hour training is original and so much more than just a yoga teacher training. It is an opportunity to build the foundation of a truly healthy life as we nurture the interdependent relationship between food, movement and mindfulness. Contemplative practices designed to support the nervous system and uncover the layers of the mind. Become adept at practicing and teaching yoga in a sustainable way both physically and successfully as a profession. Learn how to cook, eat and maintain a more balanced approach to your relationship to food, without relying on fads or diets.

Our intention is to keep the training intimate to ensure the quality of the learning experience. This training will be a module-based consisting of 8 weekend modules and one 5 day intensive. You will be part of a group of curious, like-mind people. You will feel nurtured, cared for and challenged in the best possible ways to grow, to get out of your comfort zone and into that sweet spot where deep lasting change occurs. 


An integrated learning experience takes the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. 

Some of what you will explore and learn:

  • The nurturing relationship between Yin Yoga and Ayurveda, creating a sustainable path to stress release, adrenal support and a balanced nervous system.


  • The Art of Teaching. What does it take to be an effective communicator? How do you hold space for your students and yet retain balance for yourself and your own practice? Where do you fit into an ever-growing yoga market? These questions and more will be explored in depth to help you refine and grow as a teacher.


  • What are dosha’s and how do they actually apply to your real life choices in diet and nutrition? 


  • Embodied Anatomy & Updated Biomechanics. Currently, there is a lot of exciting research and innovation happening in movement science. Explore how to stay grounded in the heart of the yogic teachings while learning tools and techniques to update yoga asana with evidence based techniques so that you are at the forefront of the evolution of modern postural yoga.


  • What is mindfulness really? Is it sitting in quiet meditation for hours each day? Is it attention to the reactions of the mind? We will practice, discuss and incorporate mindfulness in a variety of ways through movement, a sitting practice and most importantly, as a vital tool to uncover the nuances and entanglements of the the mind for deeper self-understanding and compassion.


  • Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers: Deepen your own understanding and experience of ayurveda for healing yourself and applying these same principles to your classes and for your clients.


Pathways to Certification:

This training program is one of it’s kind, one that you will not be able to find anywhere else. A training that encompasses a whole lifestyle approach; an integrated learning experience that weaves together the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. As such, we offer three different pathways to certification.


  1. No previous certification or training: Minimum 2 years of practicing yoga required. Most introductory yoga teacher trainings are 200 hours. You will receive a certification for 300 hours, gaining an extra 100 hours of credit and learning experience with successful completion and all modules and requirements.
  2. Previous 200 hour level certification: No matter where you received your 200 hour certification, you will enhance your prior training by updating and expanding on your experience. You will receive a 500 hour level certification with successful completion of all modules and requirements.
  3. Ayurveda Wellness Certification: You will also receive certification as an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist upon completion of all modules and requirements along with either the 300 hour level or 500 level certification.
  4. Continuing Education/Professional Development: Register for the modules that suit your particular interests without doing the whole training for certification. *Note: There are a limited number of available spaces for continuing education. Early registration per module is highly recommended.


Affordability & Accessibility: 

We are one of the most affordable teacher trainings around to ensure accessibility and affordability. Rather than the model where you pay for the training in one lump sum, the cost of the training is divided per module. $325+ GST per weekend module and $550+GST for the 5 day intensive.


Your teachers:


Jai Kai, Aman Rai and Brea Johnson will facilitate, mentor and share the journey with you. Each have well over 10 years of experience teaching yoga and 15 + years practicing yoga and are continually upgrading their own learning with continuing education. They lead trainings, workshops along with busy private practices. 


Guest Teacher: Kat Boehm. Kat has been been a dedicated yoga teacher for 12 years and a buddhist practitioner for 20. A deeply humble person for whom practice is paramount and extolling her own virtues isn’t.. which means she wouldn’t tell you that over the course of 15 years she has sat in silence for months at a time in Burma, India and with some of the most beloved teachers in mindfulness. Along with a deep understanding and knowledge of human movement she blends mindfulness with deep body awareness. We are excited to have her join us in this training. 



Module outline and Requirements for certification:

Please see dates, times, costs and descriptions of session below. All modules to be held at The People's Lodge in Edmonton - 11034- 124st.

To confirm registration, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. Once accepted into the program, your deposit can go towards $100 off per module. 


Hours for Weekend Modules: Friday night: 6-9, Saturday/Sunday: 9:00am -5:30pm

20h total per weekend + 5 hours homework/practice per month to total: 25h

5 Day Intensive:

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue 9am- 5pm

8 hour days x 5 = 40 hours

Total hours including contact hours with teachers = 240 

30 hours on practicum

30 hours continuing education with approved workshops & trainings

Pay as you go pricing

$325 per weekend module.

$550 for 5 day intensive. 

 *$500 deposit will be applied toward the first 5 weekend modules

To receive the 300 hr certification participants must complete all coursework and hours outlines as follows: Total hours required 300 – 240 hours includes: contact hours with instructors including practicum and non-contact hours including written assignments or other chosen workshop electives/retreats with approved yoga instructors.


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5 Day advanced Yoga Studies Immersion:

This intensive 5 day immersion will set the stage for your journey into the next level of training. Authentic teaching comes from a place of inquiry, exploration and practice. This immersion is your time to connect more deeply into your personal practice; refining, learning and building new platforms for growth and self-understanding. Preparing you to deeply embody the teachings and practice to better serve your students and become more empowered within your life.

MODULE 1: October 30- November 3

Times: 9am- 5pm: Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues

Facilitators: Brea, Jai & Aman   Cost: $525


Embodied Anatomy & Updated Biomechanics:

Explore anatomy from a practical, movement perspective. You will move, feel and directly experience a deeper understanding of your muscles and bones and how they relate to yoga and everyday movement. Along with updated biomechanics, you will learn a variety of current, evidence-based techniques to keep your teaching ahead of the curve. We will be unpacking some traditional yoga cues and their effects on the body. We will explore not just "yoga alignment" but whole body alignment and how that fits into asana and everyday life. 

MODULE 2: November 20-22

Times: Friday, 6-9pm. Saturday/Sunday: 9-5pm.

Facilitators: BreaCost: $325


Ayurveda for yoga teachers:

Deepen your own understanding and experience of ayurveda for healing yourself and applying these same principles to your classes and for your clients. In this weekend session you will learn a systematic method of understanding and applying the elements, koshas (sheaths), pranas (subtle energies), kleshas and gunas (subtle qualities of nature) for a deeper yoga practice and expanding your offerings as a yoga teacher. In addition you will learn to understand on a deeper level the nature and tendencies of students and clients to offer them the best wellness practices based on the ancient science of Ayurveda.

MODULE 3: December 11 – 13

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: Jai & AmanCost: $325


Yoga & Ayurveda for Rejuvenation and Purification:

Understand and apply the right cleansing and rejuvenating practices to increase vigor, vitality and total well-being. In this weekend session, you will learn and apply some of the most important concepts of yoga & ayurveda including the significance of seasons, locations, times of day and phases of life to establish both a purifying and rejuvenating yoga practice. You will also learn to apply basic ayurvedic nutrition and cooking concepts along with foods and diet recommendations for students and clients. Concepts of soma, agni, pranas, tejas and ojas will be learned and applied.

MODULE 4: January 29 – 31

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: Jai & AmanCost: $325


The Art of Teaching:

Refine your voice, skillfully hold space and create unforgettable classes. This weekend will teach you how to evolve and expand your teaching. You will learn enhance your observation skills; how to clearly and intuitively observe movement, alignment and postural habits in others to be a more effective teacher. Explore adjustments, how to teach large, mixed level groups, teaching private clients, professionalism. We will also explore, building a sustainable business: Uncover your niche as a teacher, learn how to organize and promote workshops and retreats, build a website, explore social media and most importantly, how to stay authentic in a competitive market. 

MODULE 5: February 26 – 28

Time: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: BreaCost: $325


Yoga for Your Dosha:

In this weekend session, you will learn the therapeutic application of yoga and ayurveda for optimum health. Specific uses of asana, pranayama and meditation will be given to support clients and bring balance and harmony to their doshas (constitutions). Other practical application of yoga and ayurveda psychology, dinacharya (daily routine) and kriyas (cleansing techniques) will be learned to enhance health and wellness. Training on the nadis (energy channels), chakras and endocrine system will be given.

MODULE 6: March 25 – 27

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: Jai & AmanCost: $325


Mindfulness and Movement

Learn how do we bridge meditation and movement? This weekend will explore both sitting practices along with simple and foundational movement practices to bring a deeper awareness both to the mind and body.   Learn the art of Zen, Buddhist and Yoga meditation in a systematically and practical way. Discover and use the right tools for your teaching meditation in your classes and for your clients. Most importantly deepen your own mindfulness and meditation practice.

MODULE 7: April 29 – May 1

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: Brea & Kat   Cost: $325


Yin Yoga & Ayurveda

Weave together the healing benefits of Yin Yoga and Ayurveda for stress release and deep healing. In this weekend session, you will learn how yin yoga relates to ayurveda and affects the organs and bodily systems. You will discover the importance of yin yoga and how to use yin yoga posters and create a yin yoga and hatha yoga sequence for private clients and classes.

MODULE 8: May 27 – May 29

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: Jai & AmanCost: $325


Supporting the Psoas & nervous system

Restorative & Therapeutic practices for deep healing

This module encompasses what mind/body/spirit really means. If you are a yoga teacher, therapist or into other movement modalities such as pilates, personal training, rehabilitative exercise, or dance, then understanding the psoas muscles will help you work more effectively with your clients and students. Stress, adrenal fatigue, burnout, these are all to common in our culture. We will explore the anatomy and function of the psoas muscles and how they can play a role in affecting the body and mind as a whole. You will learn a wide variety of tools and techniques no matter what your discipline and practice is, to support the psoas and the nervous system. This weekend session will provide a deeper and experiential understanding of these two very important and often misunderstood muscles. Through somatic awareness, you will experience in your own body, deep healing practices that nourish on all levels. You will learn how to lead a restorative practice and create a healing space for your students and clients in a private practice setting as well. 

MODULE 9: June 24 – 26

Times: Friday 6-9pm, Saturday/Sunday 9am-5pm

Facilitators: BreaCost: $325

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Payment: Participants registered for the full 300 hr Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training are required to submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your spot. 

Participants who are taking selective course for continuing education and who are not registered in the 300 hr Yoga and Ayurveda Teachers training due not have to submit a deposit and is required to pay fully for each session they register for.


body, mind, heart & spirit

This program involves four main aspects of development that are each interconnected. The body, the heart, the mind, and the higher consciousness (Spirit):

Connecting with body involves building the foundation of lasting health through a blend of yoga, functional movement and corrective exercise. Based in a biomechanical understanding of the body, you will learn how your body is designed to move and explore ways to integrate it into your yoga practice- no matter what style of yoga you enjoy. Much of what we do in regular yoga practice can actually create more wear and tear on the joints and deepen chronic misalignment. When focusing on the interconnectedness of the entire body, you re-pattern the way you move in yoga and most importantly, your everyday life.

Connecting with the heart involves awareness practices that help to alleviate the suffering of ourselves and others. We practice becoming more excepting, opening, and at times dialoguing with emotional patterns of reactivity, often uncovering hidden insights and truths that can emerge into self-love and compassion. It’s through this compassion and kindness that we can transform so called negative experiences into positive ones. From this expansion we develop Bhakti, a deep love of service for others and the divine which can separate us from bondage.

Connecting with Mind involves practices of visualization, contemplation, introspection, concentration, meditation and mindfulness drawing from both Yogic & Buddhist teachings. We learn to maintain a connection to our body, heart and mind which is the essence of living joyfully and in higher states of awareness. 

Connecting with Spirit & your higher Consciousness involves fostering a space where we can hear the voice of our soul. Ultimately Yoga is about union – uniting our lower consciousness with or higher consciousness and ultimately performing our duties though spirit rather than through the ego. We learn to become more Sattvic - having clarity, balance and harmony which can eventually lead us to a deeper connection with our spirit.