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Yoga & the Psoas

  • Yoga for Today 2016 Sherwood Dr, #206 Sherwood Park, AB Canada (map)

Tight shoulders and hips? Work on your psoas. The psoas muscles are the only muscles in your body that connects the spine to the legs. As a result, if the psoas are tight and stressed, many different parts of your body will be affected from the neck, down to the feet and everywhere in between.

In this workshop, we will explore the relationship the psoas has with the rest of the body. You will gain new insight and understanding of your psoas in a tangible and hands-on way. Traverse all the nooks and crannies in your hips and shoulders to increase range of motion and build structural stability. When your shoulders and hips have more freedom, then the psoas can stay supple and happy.

Gain a wide variety of self-care tools that you can integrate into your everyday life to maintain the health of your psoas. You will move more freely in your yoga practice and will be able to better understand, manage and prevent back pain, neck pain, pelvic floor issues, sleep, posture, flexibility, digestion, immune, adrenal & hormonal function just to name a few. The workshop is movement-based so that we can integrate intellectual understanding of the biomechanics of our body with the tangible experience of healthy alignment and movement.

– Discover important postural keys to align your body in a way that your whole spine is supported and your core will work more naturally and effortlessly.
– Explore a variety of movements, postures and stretches to release deeply held tension and emotions in your psoas.
– Utilize simple and effective techniques for daily self-care.

Yoga, pilates and many other movement practices will be enhanced and pain-free through a deeper understanding of your psoas. If you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor or bodyworker of any type, you will gain insight and effective tools to augment the healing work you are doing with your students and clients.

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