Modern Yoga Teacher Toolkit: Q+A

Things they didn't teach you in your teacher training!

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Let's talk about those real-life, nitty-gritty details about teaching yoga. 

This free webinar is here as support and inspiration for new teachers, experienced teachers and those who are thinking about teaching yoga.

Some of the most common questions we'll be addressing are:

  • Can I still teach yoga if I can't do all the poses?
  • How do I teach an anatomy-informed class or an inclusive class without losing my students or yoga studio job?
  • How do I find inspiration as a teacher and for my own practice?
  • Cues! (which ones are good, which ones should we evolve?)
  • Confidence!
  • How do I stop doubting my sequences? 
  • How do I stop doubting myself as a teacher?

No question will be too silly, too small or strange. The webinar is all about normalizing and discussing those things about teaching yoga that you didn't get to learn in your teacher training!

Date:  July 21, 2021
Time: 9-10:00 am PST

Your facilitators, Brea Johnson and Kat Boehm have each been teaching for almost 20 years. Over the years they've done (almost) everything there is to do with teaching yoga. 

Brea and Kat

From owning/managing yoga studios, teaching 25+ classes a week (they don't recommend that), running international yoga retreats, seen yoga fads come and go, have taught terrible classes, taught amazing classes, dissected dead bodies to further anatomical knowledge (Brea), multiple months-long silent meditation retreats (Kat). 

And together, currently run one of the top progressive international yoga teacher training courses and have trained hundreds of teachers from around the world. Oh yeah, and they have a magic ability to somehow be hilarious (at least they think so) while conveying the heart of the yoga teachings with compassion and care.

Yoga Teacher Toolkit: Q+A