Happy Hips + Psoas Copenhagen

Oct, 11, 2018: 18:00 p.m. - Oct, 11, 2018: 21:00 p.m.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark

Soul Fitness, Skindergade 26


6-9 PM

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When your hips and psoas muscles are feeling great, your knees, feet and back will feel the love as well. Your hip joints help you to walk, run and play. Yet for many of us, because of a lifestyle that includes long periods of sitting and exercise activities that generally only move us in one or two planes of motion, the hips are chronically tight. And even in a regular yoga practice, we can bypass true hip mobility which leaves the lower back and SI joints vulnerable.

We will explore the anatomy and biomechanics of the hips to build stability and uncover functional mobility in your hip joints. Working with various postures and movements we will unglue tight hips, asses what is causing your current limitations and intelligently reawaken those forgotten and neglected areas. Discover the what your psoas muscles are and how they play an important role in your hip health and sustainability of your whole body.