"Brea has an ability to make learning about proper postural alignment and muscle engagement in everyday activities fun! As the poses are broken down, you can feel the change, just by how much work it is. Brea's classes and trainings are life changing and I hope to live a longer, more mobile life because of it." - Sheilah McLenaghan


Bio (the official one)


Brea Johnson has been a yoga teacher and movement educator for over 15 years. With an insatiable love for learning and studying the human body she continues her on-going education in yoga, anatomy and biomechanics and is also a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™ with biomechanic scientist, Katy Bowman. A teacher, mentor and community builder, focusing on an intelligent approach to yoga rooted in functional movement and sustainable practices. Brea teaches workshops, teacher trainings and retreats around the world. She is known for her warm and engaging teaching style providing a safe foundation of healthy movement while remaining focused in the heart of the yogic teachings. As the popularity of yoga increases along with yoga-related injuries, this approach has made her a sought-after teacher in the yoga and movement communities.

My Story (the more interesting one)


I discovered yoga in 1999 and it was terrible. My stiff and tight muscles rebelled as I struggled through sun salutations, I strained to touch my knees let alone my toes in forward bends and then had to lay quiet and still during Savasana. And yet... I walked out of that first class with my curiosity piqued. I wondered about this ancient practice, who were these yogis thousands of years ago that developed it? And so I kept coming back, working through my physical tightness while exploring the deeper elements of yoga.

This led me to volunteering in yoga studios rolling up mats in exchange for all the classes I could do. I became certified to teach yoga in 2003 and have been doing it full-time ever since. From owning a yoga studio, running retreats and workshops internationally, I have been blessed to share my passion with so many others. And through it all, my curiosity about yoga, the body and spirituality has yet to be satiated. I have accumulated thousands of hours teaching, studying, practicing and always evolving my understanding. 

An interesting thing has happened in my yoga teaching over the years; after working with a countless variety of people of all shapes and sizes, I couldn't help but see that not all yoga postures were truly beneficial for everyone. I tried to find a yoga style that could work for every body but never found it. I did find a few teachers who grounded their teaching in anatomy and functional movement and it wasn't until I found the science of biomechanics and the work of biomechanist, Katy Bowman, that things started to fall into place. I finally found my home. Along with teaching yoga, I am a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. With a voracious appetite for learning I am always continuing my education with a variety of courses both in and out of the yoga world. Most recently, I completed a 5 day cadaver dissection course with Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains.)

My responsibility as a yoga teacher and movement educator is firmly grounded in healthy alignment, functional, whole body movement and giving you the keys back to your own body. I feel that the most effective laboratory for self-understanding is through the body. The healing benefits of yoga becomes vastly improved when rooted in a strong mechanical foundation- when you move the way your body is designed to move, deeper healing can occur. Biomechanics is the framework for this understanding and I have felt the difference in my own body and have witnessed the shift in many others.

Yoga has made a difference in so many people's lives, including my own. Yet as I continue to evolve, I feel that movement of any kind, whether it is yoga, dance, pilates, playing at the playground, walking through the forest, can invoke the same feelings of peace and insight. When we can move through the world with an open heart, a willingness to grow and compassion towards one's self; we don't have to label it, we are simply living in a more mindful awareness, integrated in all that we do and all that we are. What a journey...

Brea Johnson

Brea, you are an incredibly talented teacher and have a wonderful way in which you connect to the soul and heart of people.....or at least to me! You were the first Yogi (and I’ve trialed MANY Yoga classes) to encourage me to learn and grown within my practice, challenging me to take the practice to a much deeper level, one which I never even knew existed. In the western world we tend to think Yoga is all about stretching and looking good in your LuluLemon, but you opened the book to the lifestyle and spirituality that is Yoga that I didn’t even know existed before I met you. My Yoga practice has completely enveloped and affected every corner of my life and I have you to thank for that.” -

— Karen D.

“I think your lessons of self-adjustment and awareness have made me less fearful of challenging poses, and less ego-driven in my personal practice. If I hurt less, I trust more. I think the shift towards the bio-mechanical, and kinesiological approach is a natural expansion of teaching yoga, and I think you’re right on the button with that one. I love the weekend immersions. I love the one day workshops too. There’s so much to learn! I start off every morning with some of the movements you showed us. I come home from work and rest my psoas with a bolster. I roll out my feet on a wooden dowel. If I can be consistent with even a few minutes everyday, I find it’s much better than if I waited to do an hour every 2-3 days. Thank-you so much!
— Tina F.

Since practicing Yoga with Brea, my flexibility and mobility has improve tremendously, and the result of this has help me go throught a injury free year during my hockey season. It also has help me find balance and mental clarity to deal with the pressure that comes with my job. I look forward to continuing Yoga with Brea as it has become an important part of my life!

— -Georges Laraque, NHL hockey player
Shanti Yoga Studio is able to generate the type of community that make one realize not only why you do yoga but why yoga is such an intrinsically simple form of lifestyle and living. Everyone from the instructors, to the other students and the studio environment itself has given me a greater sense of being and calmness that has benefited in my quest for my own self discovery. While I still have a lot to realize and establish about myself and the person who I am meant to become, being a part of Shanti Yoga Studio has had a huge impact on finding out where that point is could be. I have been able to be a healthier, calmer and kinder person just listening to the wisdom given through the classes and do not think that I could be where I am at right now if I hadn’t found this studio and all those who are a part of it. Thank you.
— C.H.