Movement Mondays! Psoas release for relaxation and back pain

Movement Mondays, the best way to start your week! If you have been missing the Movement Monday posts here on the blog, I'm consistently posting them on social media each week. You can find the tips on the Heart & Bones Facebook and @heartandbonesyoga on Instagram. Or simply click on the handy little social media links below. 

Ahhhhh... the psoas release. This is an all-time favourite of mine. One that I teach quite a bit to my clients and students as I find it such a beneficial position to be in for most people. In fact, I use this position instead of sitting on a couch (which I no longer have. You can read more about that HERE

I've already written a post HERE all about your psoas which you can read if you are not familiar with these two important muscles. Check out the video for a tutorial on how to get into the psoas release. 


The psoas release allows the often over-worked and stressed psoas muscles to find some relaxation and not only that, for many people with busy lives, it also provides an opportunity to simply slow down and be still. That in of itself has so many far reaching benefits for our body and mind. Here is a challenge for you this week... can you set aside some time each day this week to rest in the psoas release? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, however long you can. Not a lot of time out of your day, but a whole lot of healing potential. I'm going to do it and I would love you to join me! 

Feel free to share and leave a comment below. I would love to hear how your week of daily psoas release goes!