Movement Monday! Pain-Free Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is one of those yoga poses that some people absolutely love and for others, find it hard on their knees , hips or SI joints. Whether you love the pose or hate it, adding different ways to practice the same pose helps to maintain a healthy and sustainable yoga practice.

This week we are doing an active version of pigeon pose (or some people call it the #4 Stretch). This variation is all about building strength and stability both around your hip joints and also in your legs and butt. Personally, as someone who finds traditional pigeon pose not great in my body, I love doing the active version. Watch the video for the full tutorial.


How To:

- Place your right ankle on top of your left thigh.
- Keep your left knee stacked over top of your ankle by shifting your hips back. Feel those glutes wake up!
- Slightly bend into a squat-like movement until you feel a stretch into your right hip or as far as you can keep your knee stacked over your ankle. 
- Look down at your left hip, try to keep it from popping out too much to the left side.
- Stay and breathe for a few breaths or as long as feels comfortable. Use a wall or counter for extra help with the balance.

SO GOOD!!! As always, share and leave a comment below. Tell us how traditional pigeon feels in your body and how this active version is for you!

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