Movement Monday! Side Plank for Strong Shoulders

This week's Movement Monday was inspired by a question I received about shoulder pain when doing side plank. One of the most common things I see both in regular plank and side plank is a collapsing of the shoulder blades together.

This collapsing means that we are missing an opportunity to use the strong muscles in the back and around the chest and shoulders and instead there is a degree of "hanging" into the shoulder joint and surrounding ligaments.

This week's tutorial will teach you how to build more dynamic strength and support around your shoulder joints for both plank and side plank. We deconstruct the movements and teach you how to create sustainable strength and stability. And even helpful for something as simple as tabletop!

Check it out and let me know how it feels for you!

As always, please share and leave a comment below. Have a wonderful week everyone! xoxo