Movement Monday! Bridge Pose Variations for Strong Glutes and Legs

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Movement Monday! 

Strong Glutes! Don't you like the sound of that? Your body sure does. Why? Because your gluteus maximus are the biggest muscle groups in your body. So it only makes sense to keep those glutes working effectively.

Without strong butt muscles, your knees, low back and even down to your feet can be affected. Strong glutes help you walk, run and jump better. Strong glutes are essential for the health of your hip joints, hip flexors and overall posture.

Today's Movement Monday will offer some variations in bridge pose that will help target these muscles in new and familiar ways.

Bridge is a fabulous pose to not only strengthen your glutes but also your whole posterior chain (your backside). Adding in the different variations in this tutorial brings the needed variety and diversity that provides a well-rounded movement experience.

Adding in variety and diversity to your yoga practice and other movements is the missing link to keep wear and tear at bay and is exactly what your mind, nervous system and body need for long-term health and overall awesomeness.

In fact, variety & diversity are so important, they are one of my 4 pillars of a sustainable yoga practice. You can read more about the 4 pillars here

I hope you enjoy these bridge variations everyone! As always, please share the glute love and leave a comment below. xoxo

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