Building Healthy Habits

Learn the Science of Habit Building

6 week guided program

Did you know that good habits save you energy? 

If you find it challenging to stick to goals, you're not alone. Most people struggle with staying focused and following through on the goals and intentions they set for themselves. 

Those who are successful in building healthy habits and accomplishing goals use a multi-faceted approach. 

In this interactive 6-week course, you'll learn the WHY and HOW of sustainable habits no matter what your goals are. And the best part is that you'll be supported by a coach and like-minded community the whole way.

Habit change is a process, and encouragement, accountability, and guidance go a long way.

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  • Set your goals and intentions
  • Explore WHY those goals are important to you
  • Learn how to affect LASTING change
  • Mindset and behavioural science and theory
  • Review your progress
  • Get help navigating any hiccups you are experiencing

Course Overview

Week One

Identifying your goals

Week Two

Barriers to success and celebrating wins

Week Three

Create growth mindset and find anchor behaviours

Week Four

Distorted thinking and self sabatoge

Week Five

How to deal with setbacks

Week Six

How to continue your success- next steps

Accessing the Weekly Lessons:

teacher training

This course is designed around weekly live community meetings on Zoom. Each live class will be a combination of education, discussion and Q+A. The live class format keeps you accountable and inspired as you move through the process with others. It's an important part of how to stay accountable and build sustainable habits. 

The live classes will be recorded if you can't attend live. And you will have lifetime access to the course videos and materials. 

Program Start Date: 

Feb 27 – April 2 


Tuesdays 10:00- 11:30am PST. The last 30 minutes are for Q+A.

*the calls will be recorded if you can't make it live.


$150 CAD

$90 for members of Heart + Bones online studio. 

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your coach: 

Marnie Slater is a Behaviour Change Specialist from Vancouver Island, Canada. Marnie's main inspiration around the neuroscience of habit building started as a strength and nutrition coach. She kept seeing her clients come to the gym and be fully committed to their workouts, but didn't see the progress they were hoping for. After delving deeper, she saw that people were consistently inconsistent in their daily habits, a primary barrier for so many people on their way to their goals. 

With her background in psychology, she was spurred on to help people not only reach their desired health goals through the gym but to affect lasting change that would radiate into every facet of their lives. This workshop is a culmination of not only her education in Behavioural Neuroscience, but also her own experiences breaking free from destructive patterns that were holding her back both personally and professionally.

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