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Move With Love

Online yoga that accepts you as you are

Yoga with brains, love and body-smart movement

Experience an approach to yoga that focuses on kind movements, supportive sequences, and playful yet challenging ways of moving. 

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Not your typical yoga

You won't find beginner or advanced classes here. By focusing on mobility and active stretches, our approach supports you where you are. Tightest hips in the world? Or been doing yoga for 20 years?  Easily find the right practice for your body and mood. 

Sustainable Start

Your guide to understanding what your body needs for healthy movement. Simple and accessible lessons about your joints, bones and muscles, the perfect place to start if you're new to yoga or a long-time yogi who loves learning more.

Monthly Themes + Physiotherapist + Guest Teachers

Knowledge is power. Each month focuses on a different part of the body to educate, inform and inspire you to move and feel better. Along with guest teachers specializing in mindfulness, strength training and more. 

Mindfulness Talks + Practice, Community Connection

Mindfulness talks and practice to nurture your heart and mind. Join our growing community of like-minded people who are endlessly curious, open to discovery and growth.

Yoga that accepts you as you are, join now!

Monthly Plan

Yoga that makes you more capable, balanced and strong, all for the price of a drop-in class.

$22 CAD/Mo

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"I love how you dive into the subtleties of deeper movement. Your 30-minute lessons leave me feeling like I've spent an hour and a half at my local studio.”

Jamie, Rhode Island

Want a preview of the online studio?

I took one yoga class in my early twenties and felt discouraged that my body couldn't do what was asked of it, so I stopped and let twenty years go by before trying it again via your online studio! The way you offer modifications and mantras and a sustainable approach means a lot to me as a curvy middle-aged mom. You have made yoga accessible to me. Thanks!

Jeanette, Canada

Yoga that is kind to your body

  • You might be dealing with a nagging injury and you want your yoga practice to help, not hurt. 
  • Your shoulders and hips seem chronically tight, even though you have been practicing yoga for a long time. 
  • You don’t care about doing fancy yoga poses, you just want to feel good as you age. 

  • You’re new to yoga and want to make sure you are doing it right. 
  • Or maybe you don't quite feel comfortable in a yoga studio and prefer the simplicity of learning at home.

By focusing on mobility over flexibility, we fine-tune yoga poses to build strength and stability in the places you need it, infusing more ease, acceptance and joy back into your practice.

Are you a yoga teacher looking for ideas and inspiration for your teaching and classes

Maybe you're seeing chronic habits and injuries in your students but not sure how to help them. Or have an love for learning all things body, anatomy and movement, but have no idea how to actually put it into your teaching. The online studio will your reignite your teaching and support your own personal practice. 

"What I am thankful for is Brea. I have learned more from her on how to handle/reduce/eliminate certain pains from my body than I have from my doctor or chiropractor. Her teaching style made me feel comfortable and like I could actually do it. I have become much more aware of my body and I am learning that it is so much more capable than I have given it credit for.

Stephanie, BC

You will get unlimited access to lessons like these

Strong & Stable Shoulders

Shoulders, Core | 35 Min

Strong shoulders aren't just about strength. In this lesson you'll learn to build both stability along with a healthy range ...

Psoas Love + Support

Core, Hip Joints, Psoas, Low Back Friendly | 35 Min

Move some love into your psoas muscles. With a gentle combination of supportive movements to keep your hips (and whole ...

Knee Modifications

Knees, Ankle, Feet, Education | 30 Min

Learn a whole bunch of different ways to support your knees when sitting, kneeling, or lunging. These modifications can support ...

I have not had a consistent yoga practice for quite some time, due to some instructions and poses that caused me pain...I love this inquiry and love Heart + Bones Yoga for bringing yoga to the mat in a way that makes my body, mind and spirit feel joy again.

Rebecca, Colorado

Feel the difference

Accessible, functional and playful approach

Clear, concise language. Short, digestible lessons that you can do on your own time. Yoga classes that challenge you in all the right places, moving parts of you that you didn't even know existed!

Mindfulness + Contemplative Practices

Along with yoga that your body loves, enjoy restorative classes to nourish your nervous system and monthly mindfulness meditations to infuse into your daily life. 

Do the things you love with ease

Get down on the floor to play with your kids or grandkids? No problem. Take what you learn in the classes and revitalize all parts of your life. Be inspired to move more in your daily life in surprisingly simple ways.

Healthy movement for all stages of life

Know what your body needs to age well, and with joint mobility, physical strength, balance and internal calm. Learn healthy movement while understanding how your body works no matter if you are an athlete, pre or post natal, aging gracefully, sit at a desk, or simply want to feel good.

I have been incorporating all of these wonderful shoulder stretches into both my home practice and in teaching. My Myofascial Release therapist (in shock) asked me today why my shoulders and traps were so much more relaxed than they usually are! Thank-you, these classes have made all the difference.

Katie, Spain

Are you ready to "sustainabilize" your practice?

Monthly or Yearly Membership options for our online studio

Monthly Plan

Yoga that makes you more capable, balanced and strong, all for the price of a drop-in class.

$22 CAD/Mo

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Your joyful teaching approach and attention to details makes a huge difference. Your fresh and innovative ideas help me to explore, play and think outside the box. I use the ideas for myself as well as inspiration to create sustainablized :) classes for my own community. It is greatly appreciated!!

Jen, Colorado

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