So many great classes, all for you. Tight hips or shoulders? Want to relax and do some gentle movements? Only have 10 minutes? Feel confident that whichever class you choose, you are going to feel amazing.

Hamstrings Hurray!

Learn how to have strong and flexible hamstrings.

Back, Glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Joints, Psoas, Ankle, Knee-Friendly, Low Back Friendly | 10 Min

Fun Slip n' Slide

No yoga mat, just your socks to slide into strength and stability!

Shoulders, Glutes, Core, Hip Joints, Everything!, Balance | 40 Min

Quick Morning Wake-Up

10 mins in the morning and perfect any time of day you need a quick whole body wake-up!

Back, Shoulders, Neck, Glutes, Hip Joints, Everything!, Knee-Friendly, Low Back Friendly | 10 Min

Happy Hips + Supple Spine

Mobility for your hips, balanced out with lovely spinal movements.

Back, Shoulders, Neck, Glutes, Core, Hamstrings, Hip Joints, Psoas, spine, Low Back Friendly | 30 Min

Live Call #5 (October 10)

Live Call #5, October 10

None Min

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