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So many great classes, all for you. Tight hips or shoulders? Want to relax and do some gentle movements? Only have 10 minutes? Feel confident that whichever class you choose, you are going to feel amazing.

Simple Cardio Burst

Sometimes you just gotta move and get that heart rate up!

Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body | 15 Min

Fabulous Full Body Fun

45 minutes of full body fun!

Full Body, Core | 45 Min

REPLAY: Why be grateful?

Gratitude is a bit like mindfulness. It can be very confusing as to how we learn or how we begin to do it, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

60 Min

Welcome to Restmas: Watch This!

Take a big deep exhale and welcome to Restmas. Your month of ease and calm.

5 Min

Simple Rest: Diaphragm Release

If you've never done a diaphragm release, this might just be your new favourite thing!

10 Min

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