So many great classes, all for you. Tight hips or shoulders? Want to relax and do some gentle movements? Only have 10 minutes? Feel confident that whichever class you choose, you are going to feel amazing.

REPLAY: Mindfully Rest • Ease of Mind

Most of us have suffered from a restless night sleep: those excruciating nights when you watch the clock in fearful anticipation, only wanting to sleep!

60 Min

Shoulder Strength and Neck Support

Chronic neck tension? Strengthen your shoulders!

Upper Body, Neck & Shoulders | 20 Min

Yin Healing Sounds for Sleep

Delightful and nourishing relaxation, sound and breath.

Full Body, Thoracic Spine | 25 Min

Stress Release for Sleep (and anytime!)

Had a day? Get all the stress and anxiety and (everything else) out to feel more relaxed and grounded.

Full Body | 20 Min

REPLAY: Winding Down to Better Sleep

Struggle to transition to more restful states before bed? Or feeling uninspired with your wind down routine?

60 Min

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