So many great classes, all for you. Tight hips or shoulders? Want to relax and do some gentle movements? Only have 10 minutes? Feel confident that whichever class you choose, you are going to feel amazing.

Office Yoga/Chair Yoga

A fun series of movement you can do in a chair at home, at the office or anywhere at all.

Back, Shoulders, Neck, Hip Joints, Upper Back, Psoas, Knee-Friendly, Low Back Friendly | 20 Min

Brain, Hips + Shoulders

30 minute class that's good for your body AND your brain!

Back, Shoulders, Core, Hamstrings, Upper Back, spine, Knee-Friendly, Balance | 30 Min

Dynamic Hips

25 minutes and we'll be moving your hips through a wide range of mobility and strength.

Glutes, Core, glutes, Hamstrings, Hip Joints, Psoas, Pelvic Floor | 25 Min

Quick-ish Core

15 minutes of all core, all fun!

Back, Core, Knee-Friendly | 15 Min

Mindfulness: Compassion

The practice of self-compassion.

Mind, Heart | 10 Min

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