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Practicing yoga is a process of refinement- the more we practice, the more we learn about who we are. And the most effective laboratory for self-understanding is through the body.

Brea Johnson, founder Heart + Bones 

As someone who has been practicing and teaching yoga for just about 20 years, around 10 years ago, I started to noticed an interesting trend in my classes and trainings. After working with a countless variety of people of all shapes and sizes, I couldn't help but see that not all yoga postures were truly beneficial for everyone. I tried to find a yoga style that could work for every body but never found it. 

I soon realized that it wasn't about a particular style of yoga, rather it was the way in which we approached the yoga poses. With the emphasis on repetitive movements, extreme ranges of motion without stability, people were creating wear and tear in their joints and muscular imbalances that were resulting in yoga-related injuries. 

To solve this issue, I had to continue my education outside of the yoga world so that I could better understand the body, and human movement. This brought me to learning more about anatomy, biomechanics and when I integrated that knowledge back into my yoga practice and teaching is when everything changed for the better. 

Feeling the difference in my own body and seeing the difference in the people I worked with, was the turning point. There had been a gap in yoga between what we are traditionally taught and what movement research informs us about what we need for healthy movement. 

Observing this missing link was when I made the choice to be a leader in this new movement and dedicate myself to moving the practice forward both in education for yoga teachers and safe, sustainable practices for everyday people. 

It is so beautiful to be able to train forward-thinking teachers and work with so many people around the world, who are keeping yoga a living tradition by asking more questions, and helping to redefine yoga for themselves.

Thank-you for joining me... Read more about my approach to yoga here.

Heart + Bones is your guide to build a sustainable yoga practice. 

A sustainable approach to yoga means you are supporting the health of your joints and your muscles so that you can feel good in all stages of life.

Whether it is in a workshoponline classescourses or free resources, you'll gain more knowledge of who you are, how your body works and how to apply that to all areas of your life. 

Experience an out of the box approach to better understand yoga and movement. Through simple and accessible movement education and heart-based practices, you will feel better in your body and more clear in your mind so that you can do all that you love with ease for years to come. 

What we know and how we help

Born out of almost two decades of teaching and practice with 1000's of hours of education and teaching, Heart + Bones has been leading the way in rethinking traditional approaches to yoga. 

We've seen yoga injuries on the rise, we've worked with yoga teachers and people from around the world to redefine a yoga practice to one that is deeply supportive and has the perfect balance between the heart (all that you love about yoga) and the bones (all that amazing movement education). 

You won't find a million rules to follow, trademarked practices, or guru teachers here. What you will find is comprehensive continuing education for yoga teachers and curious students. Online yoga classes that your body loves (and trusts). Workshops and retreats around the world that expand your knowledge, and a community of like-minded people who are actively redefining yoga, just like you. 

Fit your needs

You might be dealing with a nagging injury and you want your yoga practice to help, not hurt it. Or you may find that your shoulders and hips seem chronically tight, even though you have been practicing yoga for a long time. Or you’re new to yoga and want to make sure you are doing it right. Or maybe you don't quite feel comfortable in a yoga studio and prefer the simplicity of learning at home.

This is your place to learn all about simple, effective ways of moving in the ways that your body was designed to move. Sometimes that looks like yoga, sometimes it’s a simple, deconstructed and super helpful manner. 

Reignite your teaching

Are you a yoga teacher looking for ideas and inspiration for your teaching and classes? Maybe you're seeing chronic habits and injuries in your students but not sure how to help them. Or you geek out on all things body, anatomy and movement, but have no idea how to actually put it into your teaching. 

There are so many great tips and insights in the Resource section. Join the online studio for sequence ideas and to experience this approach in your own body to more effectively teach it. Get a whole year of online yoga classes and inspiration for less than the price of your average weekend workshop!

And if you are ready to be on the leading edge, dive in and learn more, join our online (and completely awesome) teacher development course, The Modern Yogi. Join others from around the world as you learn, practice and grow. 

Podcasts + Praise

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