The Heart of Yoga

My experience of yoga isn't about poses or shapes. It is the mindful, somatic experience of myself in daily life, within my relationships, within my own head and heart. This type of practice brings insights large and small.

Something I've been noticing lately is that I drift slightly over to my right when standing. It's not dramatic, it's not going unbalance my body or cause stress in my life. Yet it's a small moment of awareness that keeps me rooted into my body, keeps me connected to the quieter parts of myself.

Because here's the real practice: Awareness brings choice, offers us an option to make a change or not. Unconsciousness roots us in habits, where we react not from choice or insight but patterns that may not serve us anymore. Or maybe they do. But until we are aware of the pattern or habit, we miss out on those moments of discernment to know if something needs to be changed or not. For me, this type of practice is what brings yoga to life 💜