A list of curated classes made by our team

Building Healthy Habits

A 6-week program to create and maintain successful habits and meet your goals, backed by science. You'll learn the WHY and HOW of sustainable habits no matter what your goals are. And the best part is that you'll be supported by a coach and like-minded community the whole way.

Spring Reset

14 day program to move and restore your whole body with yoga classes and guided schedules.

Spring Reset: Move

14- Day Program with yoga classes for your tight hips and shoulders while cultivating a new habit of prioritizing "little acts of love" for yourself each day.

Spring Reset: Restore

Your nervous system's new best friend. Enjoy 14 days of supportive and nourishing practices for your whole body and mind.

Spring Reset: For all abilities

14- Day program with yoga classes that feel right for your body. Accessible and inclusive classes that are knee and lower-back-friendly.