A Month of Mornings

Movement in the mornings makes a big difference for the rest of your day. Research has shown that 20- 30 minutes of movement per day is highly beneficial for your health and longevity. Create a new morning movement habit in just 30 day with this fun program.

A glimpse inside the program:

Classes that work for all bodies

No matter if you're new to yoga, healing from an injury, or have been doing yoga for 20 years, there will be classes that are just right for you.

Mobility for Healthy Joints and Muscles

You'll unwind those sticky spots in your shoulders and hips while mobilizing your joints and muscles for whole body health.

Mindfulness and Intention Setting

Not only is it great to start your day with movement, adding mindful awareness and intention setting helps you feel more grounded, connected for your day. 

Sustainable Strength Classes

A little dash of strength goes a long way. Enjoy classes that build strength with the option of adding weights.

I woke up grumpy at 5am after a bad night's sleep. I rolled over and almost stayed there but made my way to my mat. Sooooo glad I did, these morning classes make all the difference!

Kim, Australia

Program Outline

A Month of Mornings is your way to make sure you're starting the day with ease, calm and connection. And it doesn't have to take much time either! By the end of month you'll have created a wonderful morning habit that inspires more movement and yoga breaks throughout your day. 

  • 30 day guided program that incorporates daily movement and mindfulness classes all 30 minutes or less.
  • All classes are accessible to all bodies with options for standing, sitting and lying down. 
  • A selection of classes that are easygoing with the option of more active and energizing classes, depending on your mood and energy levels.
  • Move your whole body with an extra focus on hips and shoulders. 
  • Build new and sustainable habits for a healthy movement lifestyle. 
  • Repeat the program as many times as you like for continued benefits.
The Month of Mornings program is free for all Heart + Bones Yoga members. If you’re not a member yet, register through the link below to start your 7-day trial and join the program.

I love this for the morning! Beautiful as always and nice to be reminded to start the day with gratitude. I am grateful for this community and yoga studio!

Lisa, Germany

When you sign up for this program, you also get:

Access to over 350 on-demand classes that are accessible, loving and supportive for all bodies. 

Unlimited participation and access to all of our programs.

Live classes with our Heart + Bones teachers, all from the comfort of your own home.

Access to the Move, Learn and Restore classes for your mind, body and heart.

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