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Online yoga studio offering creative classes that are kind to your body. Monthly or yearly membership so that you can feel more awesome, more often.

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Yoga education for body nerds. Expand your knowledge and be a leader in this progressive style of yoga.

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You’re craving a different approach to yoga

You want to trust that your yoga practice is good for your body, while maintaining the heart of yoga.

This is yoga for real life and real bodies. Supporting healthy joints and mobility with innovative movements and poses so that you can feel good now... and in another twenty years from now.

Our approach emphasizes

  • Dynamic & functional movements 
  • Mobility over flexibility
  • Movement science with ancient wisdom

Featured Lessons

A Beautiful Start to Your Day

Shoulders, Hamstrings, Hip Joints, Upper Back, Psoas, Everything!, Ankle, Feet, Low Back Friendly, Balance | 30 Min

Good morning! Enjoy moving all parts of you in under 30 minutes.

Help for the Hamstrings

Back, Hamstrings, Hip Joints, Ankle, Feet, Knee-Friendly, Low Back Friendly, Pelvic Floor | 15 Min

Your hamstrings (hips, calves, feet and ankles) will feel so loved with this class.

A time for rest

Back, Shoulders, Neck, Hip Joints, Psoas, Knee-Friendly, Low Back Friendly, Pelvic Floor | 30 Min

30 minutes to breathe deep, softly stretch and sooth your nervous system.

Side Sliding

Shoulders, Glutes, Core, Low Back Friendly, Balance | 10 Min

When you're short on time and want some quick strength work, this class is for you.

This work has been a game changer. I've been in and out of injuries ever since I started teaching. What I have learned from your workshops and classes online have changed the way I practice and teach. I'm eager for more!

Sian, Vancouver

Workshops + Retreats

Huddersfield, UK

Happy Hips + Supple Shoulders, Huddersfield

1 day workshop for your shoulders and hips!

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Cork, Ireland

Happy Hips

An afternoon of love and support for your hips.

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Cork, Ireland

Strong + Supple Shoulders

An afternoon of love and support for your shoulders.

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Free Resources

The Heart of Yoga

My experience of yoga isn't about poses or shapes. It is the mindful, somatic experience of myself in daily life, within my relationships, within my own head and heart. This ...

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10 signs you are a modern yogi

What is a modern yogi, you ask? It's all of you who have been asking more questions, moving outside of the box (and the yoga mat) and expanding the lens ...

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