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Online yoga that's playful, loving and inclusive

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I love how you teach with gentleness and compassion. So many exercise programs start from the premise "change your body" as if it were not good enough.

Ceci, USA

Founder & International Instructor, Brea Johnson

Curious? Try out this short shoulder tension release class

By moving in purposeful and targeted ways, you'll release chronic tension and get into those sticky spots in your body that most stretches never seem to reach. 

Online yoga to connect with yourself and feel good again

  • Easy to match poses, no need to put your leg over your head
  • Schedules and programs that help you know which class and which style to do
  • Regular check-ins with our team to hear how you're doing and help keep you on track

Online yoga that accepts you as you are

Move with purpose, not perfection by focusing on mobility over flexibility. No one-armed handstands here!

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Inclusive, easy to follow classes with concise and loving instruction.

I'm ready to move with love
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Teacher Training

Yoga education for body nerds. Expand your knowledge, increase your confidence and be a leader in this progressive style of yoga.

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This is yoga for real life and real bodies

Move with Love

Supporting healthy joints and mobility with innovative movements and poses so that you can feel good now... and in another twenty years from now.

Our approach emphasizes

  • Dynamic & functional movements¬†
  • Mobility over flexibility
  • Movement science with ancient wisdom

Featured Lessons

Whole Body Soothing Flow

Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body, Neck & Shoulders, Hips & Glutes | 35 Min

Ease and calm for your whole body and mind.

This work has been a game changer. I've been in and out of injuries ever since I started teaching. What I have learned from your workshops and classes online have changed the way I practice and teach. I'm eager for more!

Sian, Vancouver

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ready to transform your practice?

You're like us: you want yoga classes that support your body, not hurt it. Join the online studio and feel the difference now.