Lower Back Love

Building a healthy and stable lower back takes time and consistency. This 30-day program is designed to help you build a new habit of moving to improve the health of your lower back.

A glimpse inside the program:

Strength + Stability for Core and Low Back

Your lower back is supported by a strong and functional core. Build whole-body strength and stability.

Functional Mobility for Tight Hips

Tight hips can contribute to lower back pain. This program offers classes to improve the range of motion for your hips.

Move + Learn

Easy-to-follow "move and learn" classes that teach you about your lower back and postural habits to feel more empowered in your daily life.

Support Your Nervous System

Stress is associated with lower back pain. Enjoy classes that help to soothe and calm your nervous system.

It’s remarkable how effective this program is! Two different days of shovelling and wheelbarrowing WITHOUT SORENESS! Being aware of what muscles are actually responsible and of positioning….it’s astonishing. Thank you so much for this!

Leslie, USA

Program Outline

This program is great for those experiencing back pain and those who want to prevent it. A 30 day guided program to teach you about functional and healthy movement for your spine, posture and hips. 

  • Enjoy various classes accessible to all bodies with options for standing, sitting and lying down.
  • Build supportive strength and functional movement for your spine and core.
  • Helpful for sciatica and other lower back-related issues. 
  • Postural habit education to better understand how everyday movements or lifestyle factors may be contributing to your lower back pain. 
  • Repeat the program as many times as you like for continued benefits.

The Lower Back Love program is available to all Heart + Bones Yoga members. If you’re not a member yet, register through the link below to start your 7-day trial and join the program.

    This is exactly what my lower back needed today. I feel so balanced and my lower back feels calm. This is now part of my daily routine!

    Ness, USA

    When you sign up for this program, you also get:

    Access to over 350 on-demand classes that are accessible, loving and supportive for all bodies. 

    Unlimited participation and access to all of our programs.

    Monthly live classes with our Heart + Bones teachers, all from the comfort of your own home.

    Access to the Move, Learn and Restore classes for your mind, body and heart.

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