My Daily Practice

If you're looking for classes that follow a more traditional in-person yoga studio experience, follow along with this program! You'll enjoy classes that are 40-60+ minutes, and that move all parts of your body with a relaxing Savasana at the end.

A glimpse inside the program:

Move all parts of you

Move your whole body in nourishing and loving ways to support healthy joints and muscles. 

Find your flow

Flow-style classes that are supportive of all bodies and abilities. Go at your own pace and breath.

Guided Savasana and Relaxations

You can add more nervous system support at the end of your classes with a selection of guided relaxations.

Move, Stretch and Strengthen

Longer classes offer a healthy variety of movements for mobility and help you develop a sustainable movement practice.   

That was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I love this kind of movement. I often get a big smile on my face as I'm slowly moving my body and feeling the love and appreciation of my body.

Carrie, USA

Program Outline

Online yoga offers freedom and flexibility for you to develop a consistent practice of yoga. Many of the classes inside Heart + Bones Online offer you the variety and flexibility to choose the body part you want to work on along with shorter or longer classes. 

And while all of our classes incorporate movement for the whole body (even in a class that's body-part specific) sometimes you just want to spend a little more time on your mat. This program is here for you whenever you want to enjoy longer classes that give you the feeling of a class at your favourite local studio. 

  • 30 day guided program that incorporates daily movement and mindfulness classes of 45 minutes and longer.
  • A selection of classes that have a gentle flow to them, while still supporting functional and sustainable movement. 
  • Pick and choose how you want to practice. This is designed to be flexible for your lifestyle. There are classes 7 days a week in the program but you get to decide how many days per week works for you.
  • Do this program as your go-to whenever you want a longer class and don't want to spend time searching for the right one.
  • Move your whole body with an extra focus on hips and shoulders. 
  • Build new and sustainable habits for a healthy movement lifestyle. 
  • Repeat the program as many times as you like for continued benefits.
My Daily Practice is free for all Heart + Bones Yoga members. If you’re not a member yet, register through the link below to start your 7-day trial and join the program.

I've been feeling my nervous system geared up. This was a wonderful practice to get back to my physical body and build some inner peace. It's funny when we start to move with ease, the feeling of being overwhelmed starts to lift. Thank you so so so much!

Ingrid, Canada

When you sign up for this program, you also get:

Access to over 350 on-demand classes that are accessible, loving and supportive for all bodies. 

Unlimited participation and access to all of our programs.

Live classes with our Heart + Bones teachers, all from the comfort of your own home.

Access to the Move, Learn and Restore classes for your mind, body and heart.

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