We are in rapidly changing times and many yoga teachers, studios and fitness professionals are wanting to move their classes online to better support their students and community. 

Making the transition to online teaching can feel overwhelming, confusing and scary. Join us in this free webinar to help you navigate how to teach yoga online. 

When we make big decisions in our life, it is important to come from a clear and grounded place. Now more than ever, we need to first find perspective and clarity. 

Moving your teaching online can often mean a steep learning curve on the technical side of things which can add to the feeling of overwhelm. This is not the time to rush, panic or add more pressure for yourself. We need to support our wellbeing before we can be of service to others. 

This webinar will give you helpful tools and tips for teaching online, but most importantly, it will serve as a place where you can exhale, connect back into your center and feel a bit more grounded within the uncertainty that is happening right now. The heart of this webinar is to offer you a clearer direction of what you need to do, where and how you'll move through changing times.

Main Topics:

  • What platforms to use.
  • What kind of equipment is needed.
  • How to teach in front of a camera.
  • What and how to charge (or not charge) for your classes.
  • What is your "why." Making decisions from a clear and grounded place.
  • Scarcity and competition. How to find (and trust) your voice in a crowded landscape. 


Saturday, March 21

10:00 am Pacific Time

How to Register: 

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If you can't make it live, there will be a replay emailed to you. But you have to be registered in order to receive the replay.

Feel free to share this webinar with anyone you feel would benefit from the tips and info. We've got this, we're all in it together!


Brea Johnson is the founder of Heart + Bones Yoga, an online yoga education and movement platform featuring online yoga studio with membership from people in 20+ countries and online continuing education and teacher training courses that have trained over 250 yoga teachers globally in the past three years. 

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