Chronic Pain: Yoga Teaching + Practice with Astrid van Rens

Season 2 of the podcast is all about sharing and highlighting our global community of teachers who have specific niches and are changing the paradigm of teaching yoga in our modern world.

Many people experience chronic pain and illness and yoga can be a supportive pain management tool. As a yoga teacher, there will be people who come to your classes with chronic pain or illness and but do you know what to do? How can you offer a practice that acknowledges their needs in a loving and supportive way?

In this episode, you'll gain tools and insights for how to integrate accessible practices into your classes to support all bodies.

I talk with yoga teacher, Astrid van Rens who teaches those with chronic pain and has a lived experience of chronic pain and fatigue. From her personal and professional experiences, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with yoga teacher and those with chronic pain to build supportive yoga practices into your classes.

About Astrid van Rens:

Astrid lives in the Netherlands and has been teaching yoga for over a decade. She teaches and practices yoga from a lived experience of chronic pain and fatigue.

In the first years of teaching she began to experience more and more physical symptoms and fatigue. She even wondered if teaching would still be possible. She also saw that there were many people who stopped taking classes because it didn't match their physical abilities. Over the years she found ways and tools to adapt yoga practices to her personal needs and the needs of people who came to her classes.

Since 2013 Astrid has been offering classes to people living with illness, chronic pain and fatigue. In 2016 she started one of the first online yoga schools in Holland with online (live) classes. Offering mindful movement in a sustainable, accessible and gentle way.

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