How Accessible Yoga Benefits Everybody with Kristine Sofiedal

Season 2 of the podcast is all about sharing and highlighting our global community of teachers who have specific niches and are changing the paradigm of teaching yoga in our modern world.

You might think that teaching accessible yoga means teaching people in chairs or those with injuries. But when you teach with the intention to create classes that everyone can feel good in then you're teaching accessible yoga.

And yet, the cues you use, if you use props or not, and the language in your classes might not actually work for everyone that attends. So what really is "accessible" yoga and how do we incorporate that mindset into our classes?

In this powerful and insightful episode, Kristine Sofiedal shares her experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner in a larger body. Her story and journey will inspire you deeply and help you see how you teach yoga in a whole new light. A must listen!

About Kristine Sofiedal

Most of my life I have had a strained relationship with my body, until I found yoga. Yoga was my gateway into body acceptance, body positivity and self-love. It was where I found others that looked like me, that moved with joy and looked confident in their bodies. It sparked something in me, and I found myself becoming more and more accepting of myself and my body. I started to move in ways that felt good to me, making the poses fit me and my body where I was and not feeling I had to hide. But the
people I found so inspiring were only available on social media. I was the only one that looked like me in yoga classes and I had to research and find my own way to make a lot of poses more accessible to me.

As a teacher, I want others to see bodies like theirs and I want to teach other yoga teachers how to make poses more accessible to more bodies. In Formfull Yoga classes, workshops and trainings, props play a leading role. They are NOT used because we can't do something but used to create better access to our bodies and to create more space for moving with loving-kindness within our bodies.


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