Strong Niche, Clear Teaching + Dynamic Aging with Carol Robbins

Season 2 of the podcast is all about sharing and highlighting our global community of teachers who have specific niches and are changing the paradigm of teaching yoga in our modern world.

When you know who you teach and how you can help them, it makes your teaching so much easier. We talk to Carol Robbins, a yoga and Pilates teacher who has found success through her clear niche as a teacher. Carol focuses mainly on healthy and dynamic aging and we talk all about how to find your niche, how that provides a clearer roadmap for your sequencing of classes and easier marketing.

Not only do we talk about the importance of niches for yoga and movement teachers, but Carol also shares a ton of interesting information about healthy aging and how that knowledge sets the people in our classes up for success, no matter what age they are.

About Carol:

Carol Robbins is an evidence-based movement teacher in Toronto, Canada. At 61, she believes that a dynamic, movement-filled life is possible for every body at every stage of life. Carol abandoned chasing youth and dedicated herself to aging well by making the switch from fitness-based practices to a movement-filled life and she can help you to maintain function that suprasses our current perception of how aging looks. Carol has at different times in her life been a horseback rider, mother, Pilates teacher, and currently a Restorative Exercise Specialist and Heart+Bones yoga teacher. Living in a pain-free, functioning body that is capable and willing is a lifelong pursuit - it's never too late (or too early) to become a dynamic ager. Information and online courses are available at

And you can follow Carol for super informative tips and tools on Instagram @alignment_rescue