When Do You Stop Learning as a Teacher?

Season 2 of the podcast is all about sharing and highlighting our global community of teachers who have specific niches and are changing the paradigm of teaching yoga in our modern world.

Is there a time where you feel like you know enough to take your teaching to the next level? Is there a next level? Or does the learning ever end as a yoga teacher? If you are a new or experienced teacher, you'll breathe more than one sigh of relief as you listen to our honest discussions all about how to show up as a teacher when you don't feel confident, or when the imposter syndrome knocks on your door. We normalize the fears and worries that most teachers feel but is rarely talked about in the yoga-world.

Brea Johnson is joined on this episode by Monique Fryer and Isis Cooper, experienced yoga teachers and yoga teacher mentors. They are two of the mentors in the Heart + Bones, Modern Yoga Teacher Training course and you'll love listening to their light-hearted and real-life wisdom of how to show up as yourself as a teacher and embrace the never-ending learning and growth that yoga and teaching yoga offers us!

Monique Fryer:

Monique is an experienced yoga teacher and teacher’s mentor, based in Nottingham, UK. She mentors groups and 1:1 programmes, online and in-person, on creating sustainable yoga careers that feel fulfilling on your terms. Her articles on dealing with imposter syndrome, comparison, and confidence have been published in Spectrum, the BWY magazine. Follow @moniquefryeryoga on Instagram and find her at: moniquefryeryoga.com

Isis Cooper:

Isis is a yoga, mobility, and mindfulness teacher based in Cork, Ireland who also teaches online. Isis teaches a sustainable approach to yoga and offers people permission to have fun and get to know themselves through mindful movement. She is passionate about helping real people learn about their body and ways to move that will support them to live full, healthy lives. Isis also has the privilege of being a mentor in the Heart and Bones Yoga Modern Yoga Teacher Training. In addition to teaching yoga, Isis works as a speech and language therapist with children and their families, a role that is deeply rewarding.

Follow Isis on Instagram @isiscooperyoga and website: