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Ease + Calm 6 Month Program


We get it. It can feel hard to make time to do the things that help you feel good. That's why we've created a simple way for you to find more ease and calm, a loving care package of yoga classes for your well-being. This means that you can fit yoga into your day without adding more stress trying to fit it all in.

The Program: 

  • 6-month guided program of yoga classes designed to move all parts of you in loving and supportive ways.
  • Hand-picked 3 classes / week, to keep you on track without making any decisions!
  • Ease and convenience of classes that can be accessed 24/7.
  • 6 foundational themes for your practice, a month spent in each: Grounding / Ease / Play / Strength / Stability / Integration
  • A simple, grounded structure you can lean into, to keep you showing up for your practice.

6-Months of guided monthly classes to keep you consistent

Monthly Class Schedule

Not sure which class to do? We've done the work for you with a curated weekly mix of classes for your shoulders, hips and everything in-between.

Classes that are supportive of YOUR body

With a focus on mobility over flexibility, you can trust that the classes support healthy joints and muscles. 

Easy to get back into a regular routine

The hardest thing is being consistent. This program makes it easy to get on your mat and start feeling good again.

Not sure? Try one of our classes:

Daily Hip Mobility: 20-minute class to wake-up and reset tight hips.

Sign up

Sign up

1. What do I need?

- Internet connection

- You can do classes on any and all of your devices

2. What style of yoga do you teach?

We don't teach a specific style of yoga. We teach an approach to yoga that incorporates mobility-work for healthy joints and muscles, mindfulness practices, and a healthy dose of playfulness!

3. I don't have a yoga mat or yoga props at home.

That's no problem. All of our classes are designed to be done at home with whatever materials you have available, such as the cushion off of your couch.

4. I'm new to yoga, is this for me?

Absolutely. Because we've created the online studio to be accessible and approachable, we feel that descriptions like beginner and advanced don't adequately describe what people can expect out the movements. No matter if you are new to yoga or have been teaching it for 20 years, all of the classes offer varying degrees of effort and challenge for everyone. 

5. How long are your classes?

There are classes ranging from 5-minutes to an hour. So if you need just a quick stretch or relax break or in the mood for a longer, energizing class, you have so many options to choose from.

6. What if I want to do more classes than in the guided weekly program? 

Great! You can do as many classes as often as you like. With unlimited access to the Heart + Bones online yoga studio, you can do a class (or more!) every day of the week!

7. I have tricky knees (or low-back pain, shoulder issues, etc) can I still do your classes? 

If you've had the OK from your healthcare professional to move and do yoga, then our classes will be helpful for you. We've tagged all the classes that are knee-friendly and low-back friendly and have educational lessons to help you modify poses and movements for your particular abilities.