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May 9, 2018

Yoga For Beginners

If you've been thinking about trying yoga, you've come to the right place!

No need to be flexible or try to get your leg around your head when first starting yoga! Simple and accessible movements will set you up for feeling strong, balanced and flexible for years to come.

Introduction to yoga and healthy movement

Identify Common Postural Habits

Postural habits can affect tension in the body. Learn how to make one simple change to support your spine and healthy bones.

Reduce Shoulder Tension + Improve Mobility

Support your shoulders and neck, down to your wrists and hands with a beginner-friendly yoga class.

Increase Hip Mobility + Improve Circulation

Learn how to improve circulation throughout your legs and body, while enjoying gentle movement for your hips.

Make lasting and effective changes for your body and mind.

Starting a yoga practice can be easy when we start small and simple. Learn accessible movements to reduce stress, breathe better and feel great.

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Get started with yoga and these easy, accessible lessons right away.

" I love how your classes really stretch my mind while stretching my body! It's the ultimate moving meditation, connecting with muscles groups I didn't even know were there. I feel like the long-term effects of practicing movement like this are helping to awaken support for my joints and providing lasting mobility.  I am so grateful that you've provided this program and that I am able to participate!  A million thank you's!”

Amanda, Australia