Build functional strength in your arms (video)

Build functional strength in your arms. Functional strength means we are able to move our body in all sorts of different ways and to do all sorts of different daily activities and chores without pain.

This is a really simple and effective way to keep your arms and shoulders strong not just in your yoga practice, but in your everyday life.

When you practice yoga, do you always place your hands underneath your shoulders when doing poses on your hands and knees, and in poses such as plank or even downward facing dog? Placing your hands underneath your shoulders is a great, safe place to start building strength. But over time as you get strong in that position, I recommend exploring placing your hands a little wider apart, or a little bit in front of the shoulders.

Placing your hands in different positions when you are bearing weight will make you strong in those angles. So if you have been always placing your hands under the shoulders, try different hand placements will build that functional strength that is so important to our whole body health and well being. Watch the video for a great explanation and demonstration.