Healthy Shoulders in Yoga: Chaturanga Tips + Prep

Chaturanga is sometimes known as the yoga push-up. Or for some people, as the ‘shoulder shredder.’ No matter what you call it, it’s a movement that can look relatively straightforward but is actually quite complex.


In the video below, we break down the component parts of Chaturanga pose, which will serve both as assessments and exercises. Once you understand the component parts, you can happily do them forever and never do another Chaturanga again if that feels better in your shoulders!

Or you can work on these movements to build the needed strength and mobility around the shoulder complex to make your Chaturanga more sustainable for years to come.

No matter what pose we do, it's helpful to break down movements into what we like to call here at Heart + Bones Yoga, “Movement ABCs.” These are the building blocks of healthy movement, or in other words, the smaller movements that make up more complex movements.

Once we understand the Movement ABCs, you can be more confident and intentional in how you move and, as a yoga teacher, be able to offer accessible options to your classes.

Watch the video to learn about healthy shoulder movements pattern for shoulder strength, stability and mobility. 

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