Dec. 3, 2018

Love + Testimonials

Read all the love from our global community!

So much love.

We're grateful for our global community of Heart + Bones online studio members who are all moving with love in so many areas of their lives. Take a read through all the beautiful, inspiring and enthusiastic words from our community!

"I did the newest class earlier in the week and it was awesome!  I love how your classes really stretch my mind while stretching my body!  It's the ultimate moving meditation, connecting with muscles groups I didn't even know were there. I feel like the long-term effects of practicing movement like this are helping to awaken support for my joints and providing lasting mobility.  I am so grateful that you've provided this program and that I am able to participate!  A million thank you's!" -Amanda, Calgary

"This is a great shoulder practice! I have been trying to recover from all the damage I did to my shoulders from doing 15 years of Ashtanga-based yoga. I am in pain all the time, have done physical therapy and have totally modified my yoga practice. I can feel all the supporting muscles getting stronger in this practice and it allows me to safely do what I can. I can't get my pelvis off the ground in that plank exercise yet, but just moving in that direction I believe I might get there! Thanks so much Brea for all you've put into this wonderful studio!!!" - Lynn

"I'm super excited to be a part of your online studio! I'm a yoga and barre instructor, and I've loved learning and also sharing the very helpful information from your You Tube videos with my students. In addition, I have few opportunities to take classes right now for myself, so getting to practice along with you via your online studio will be a blessing!! I learn SO much from you, and you have such an encouraging, inspiring spirit. " - Gayle, Idaho

"I just want to say that this is BY FAR the most beautiful, organized, and inviting online studio I have ever seen."

"I just took my first class in the online studio. Wow! Thank you so much for this beautiful, nourishing gift! Your approach is bringing me back to yoga and all that it can be. I have been looking for a guide and for inspiration for teaching yoga in a sustainable way, and I'm so grateful I heard about you" - Joanna, Colorado 

"I'm really enjoying exploring the online studio. Lots of helpful and soothing classes there for me to choose from. Thanks for doing this, Brea! P. S. I'm almost 72 and am waiting for much needed knee replacement surgery, so I'm not super mobile, but you have many classes that I can do comfortably and that make me feel better."  - Margaret, Ontario

"I cannot recommend Brea's Modern Yogi course enough. It is thorough yet succinct and clear yet comprehensive. I am a Restorative Exercise teacher who has enjoyed yoga over the years. I was looking for a way to grow my love of yoga whilst honouring what I know about how the human body works best and the Modern Yogi was perfect. My body and mind thrived throughout this course and I have a new dimension to both my personal and teaching practice. Thanks Brea for such a fabulous informative and enjoyable course." Tanya, Scotland

"I love that you have different lengths of time for the lessons. I have always found your lessons and demonstrations to be so thoughtful regardless of the length. Your language for the subtlety of movements, or bringing awareness to small muscles, is not the usual yoga-speak. That’s perfect for getting people to think differently while moving differently. The thoracic lesson I did this morning is a perfect length for before AND after work. You’re brilliant. Thanks again! -Tina, Canmore

"I just love the virtual classes.  I can pick and choose what my body needs on any given day.  Too be able to have you on my big TV right in my house whenever I feel like moving is so wonderful.  Thanks for thinking of us all." -Jan, Edmonton

"Brea's new website offers me a way to have a sustainable home yoga practice. There are lots of options for length of session, energy level, part of body to work on etc. The pace of each lesson is welcome--not rushed--and Brea offers helpful explanations for why we are moving in a certain way, which I really appreciate. She offers lots of alternatives for movement and for props, so you don't need to have lots of yoga props on hand. This website has something for any yoga experience level--long-time practitioners who may feel that the current yoga scene doesn't offer what they need in terms of a sustainable yoga practice, or those brand new to movement awareness. A bonus is the content that's non-movement related, like the meditation sessions led by experts in that area. I look forward to seeing how this site continues to grow and build a community around it." Jan, Toronto

"I think what you offer is at the forefront of the yoga and movement world and will transform many lives and am so grateful for what you put out there for us yoga teachers and students to play with and learn from." -Andrea, England

"Whenever I use Brea's methods in my classes I can see the light going off in my students brains. It helps them to realize that their yoga practice could be so much more." Tanya- Illinois

"I have just completed the Modern Yogi course! I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you. You have such a calm, precise and respectful way of teaching. I feel like I have a renewed faith in yoga, a desire to practise more (without harming myself) and the confidence to teach in a more sustainable way." -Janey, London, England

"I have not had consistent yoga practice for quite some time I think due to what I thought was the rigidity of following poses and some instructions that caused me pain...I love this inquiry and love Heart + Bones Yoga for bringing yoga to the mat in a way that makes my body, mind and spirit feel joy again. - Rebecca Rice Wilson

"I love your Movement Monday! I usually shut my office door and give myself a "movement break" to do your video. The length is perfect and I appreciate your sustainable approach and cues."  - Tricia, Oklahoma 

"Brea, you have a lovely way of giving teachers permission, no controversy or expectation in positioning and it's refreshing to see." Nada, Singapore.

"Two hours after the workshop, the pain in my hips that I've had for years was gone and they are still feeling great. Thank-you." Eva, Denmark

"I love this different approach to traditional yoga. There are always modifications for knees and wrists, I don't feel "broken" for not being able to do everything. I love that I can choose a class based on body parts that I want to work on and shorter classes I can easily fit into my day. I love that the yoga is sustainable and not about looking like a picture and that it incorporates biomechanics and anatomy. I also love that you are a warm, kind and calming presence to mobilize with. And I also love the addictive nature of the classes. Once I finish a class, I usually want to dive straight into another!"

"I love the focus on range of motion, active stretches, and the options for relaxing and restorative classes. I absolutely love how you describe the reasons for certain poses instead of just cueing the poses - that way I feel like i'm always learning a bit too. I find myself incorporating a whole variety of moves in my everyday life super consistently because of your online studio!" - Delaine, Canada

"It feels remarkably like an in-person class with a similar joyful energy. I love the mix of short and longer classes, and the mix of body-specific and "everything" classes to meet my needs on any given day. Hip extension, thoracic spine, twists, backside work, supple shoulders, restorative practice - it's all great!" - Hannah, Canada

"I love the movements. They're different from what I'm used to and I enjoy sharing them with MY yoga students :) Also, I LOVE the therapeutic feeling of shoulder exercises (I'm a professional violinist and this feels like physical therapy for me!) - Kristiana, USA

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