Oct. 9, 2019

Mindfulness Tips for Daily Life

Mindfulness in daily life has more benefits than you realize!

Have you heard of the R.A.I.N. practice? It stands for: Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture.

R.A.I.N is the art of shining the light of awareness on our present moment experience. This practice is very powerful - we investigate and become intimate with our emotional, physical or thought provoked triggers. When we investigate what is going on, spaciousness is available. We begin trusting mindful awareness- being with what is happening. Awareness offers compassion and ease to our present moment experience, just as it is. 

Mindful awareness is very succinctly defined as: What is happening and how are we relating to it. 

We can be mindful anytime, anywhere. Start in the body, pause and directly experience the body. Relax and notice what is happening. That is enough ☺ Repeat often! 


In your daily life, find ways to relax and resource in the present moment: 

• Feel yourself sitting in the car or on a chair. 

• Notice the color of the sky. Look up at the clouds. Feel the wind. 

• Pause between emails, take a breath. 

• Eat slowly, savour tastes and aromas of your food. 

• Walk as though you have all the time in the world. Experience each step. 

• Put your phone down/away, for a few minutes. Let yourself absorb the environment you are in. 

• Give yourself the gift of being present in your body. Invite tension to release and notice the sensation of being right here. 

• Be silent. Carve out some space in your daily routine to just sit. Breathe deeply and ground within your body. Allow thoughts, feelings, and ideas to pass through the mind like clouds in the sky. 

• Notice the sweetness of life: your furry friends, cuddles from your kiddos, a good cup of coffee, sweet or savoury treats, spending time with your dear friend, the touch of your partner's hand, mindfully moving your body. 

• Every day we experience just as much joy and pleasure, as we do unease and discomfort. Take time to notice abundance and connection in your life 

Mindfulness literally means to remember. We are training ourselves to remember to be in the present moment. Simple but not easy! We are often caught in our thoughts and emotions; when we are identified with our inner world, we are no longer truly present with life. Mindfulness is a unique way to respond and receive what is going on and not be entangled in it. 

The practice is not about stopping or getting rid of thoughts, but to notice the credence we give to our thoughts. As we train ourselves to watch our repetitive ways of thinking and reacting to our emotions, we develop wisdom and compassion.

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Kat Boehm
Kat Boehm

Kat Boehm is an esteemed mindfulness teacher and passionate movement educator. She's been practicing yoga and meditation since 1997 and teaching since 2003. She is known for her approachable and relatable ways of sharing mindfulness and movement, offering refinement and curiosity for all bodies.