Nov. 9, 2017

Movement Monday! Functional Core strength

Strong + Functional Core strength without even having to do a plank (if you don't want to!)

Just using one simple cue will strengthen and support your core better than a whole bunch of abdominal crunches. Learn how to get all the layers of your core awake and strong. It won't require sit-ups, it won't require that old cue, "bring your navel to the spine." Oh no, my friends, all you have to do this week is think about what your ribs are doing and all those beautiful deep layers of your core will wake up like never before.

This tutorial teaches you to think about using your ribs to engage your core. If that doesn't make sense, try the lesson out and you'll see what I mean immediately. By thinking about what you are doing with your ribs, it will have your plank poses, down dogs and so many more movements, even more functional and supportive.

This cue is a game-changer and is so easily applied to many different ways of moving to effectively build up that strong core.

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