May 28, 2018

Prevent Aches and Pains While Gardening

Simple tips for you to keep your body great, while doing what you love!

Do you love gardening? Do you also find that after a day in the garden your body feels cranky and sore? Good news! I've got some simple solutions for keeping your body feeling great, while doing all that you love in the garden.

The key is to change up your movements more often. Bending down, squatting or kneeling the same ways over and over can play a big role in how your body feels.

And your other secret weapon for staying strong and mobile while gardening (or really, in most activities) is what I always like to say: More Butt, More Better! 

Hopefully the bad grammar helps sticks that simple tip into your head! When bending down in the garden, in yoga, in everyday life, shifting your hips back over your heels is the perfect invitation for your backside to help hold you up with stability and strength. Allowing your low back to feel better and less stressed.

Check out the video for some really simple tips to stay mobile in the garden!

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