Psoas leg swing (video)

Psoas Release Leg Swing. For years, this has been my go-to movement after long car rides, long periods of sitting, or anytime my hips and psoas feel a little sticky or tight. It's a quick fix that will get your hips feeling light and free. To do it, all you need is something to stand on such as a yoga block, stair, small stool or whatever else you have nearby. 

An added bonus is that you get to do the Pelvic List while doing the leg swing. If you missed it, you can find here

Key Tips:

- Invite the swinging leg to be heavy as you swing it. 
-Make sure you are swinging from your thigh, not from your knee. 
- Enjoy the movement for a minute or longer. 
- Before switching legs, step down off of the block and once you have both feet on the ground, notice how one side feels compared to the other.

I hope you enjoy this super simple, yet super effective leg swing for hips and psoas!