Jan. 14, 2018

Squishy is Beautiful

Isn’t the human body so absolutely beautiful? Just look at those gorgeous wiggles and jiggles. We have it so backwards in our our culture of beauty, as we try to sculpt and tighten. The only places I want to be rock solid in my body are my bones. The rest of me can wiggle and jiggle all day long.

The hours I’ve spent in the dissection lab, seeing, touching and unveiling the human body in all its glory has left a profound impact on me. Life is short, life is an incredible gift. This human body is a miracle, is a mystery, is a wonder. Let’s spend the time we have in our bodies focusing on loving them, accepting them. Moving with joy, creating a deeper sense of ease.

Because healthy, functional muscles are allowed to have softness. They get “tight” when under load. So when I’m dancing around, walking, doing everyday activities, I don’t need six pack abs to help do those movements. Can my joints move well? Do I have the strength to lift my seven year old son? That’s more important to me than a ripped beach body.

As a movement educator and yoga teacher, my aim is not only to teach how your amazing body moves but all of that would be for nothing if I didn’t also offer you a way to love yourself. When we can remove the lens of our cultural conditioning and recognize that softness and squishiness are beautiful too. 💗

So move, dance, play, work out, go to them gym... do the things that make you feel good. But ultimately, one day we aren’t going to have this body anymore, so as you cultivate your muscles, your mobility, and your movement, cultivate as much love of this precious life, your precious body as you can.

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