Oct. 4, 2018

Stretches in the Kitchen!

Yoga can be done anywhere. The more we fit in simple stretches throughout the day, the better we feel.

Waiting until we're on a yoga mat to do yoga, means that we are limiting our movement possibilities. Your body loves to move, and loves even just a couple small stretches, done more often. Which means we can start to reframe what a yoga practice looks like and offer more possibilities to take care of both our body and mind. 

The kitchen is one of my favourite places to get some stretches in. You can use the counter top to help stretch tight shoulders and hips, along with becoming more aware of postural habits like leaning against the counter which can sometimes aggravate low back pain.

Join me for this helpful kitchen stretch tutorial that will give you some great ideas to move more often and feel great!

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Move more often and feel great!