Spring Reset: For all abilities

14 Days of Moving with Love

Do you need a little bit of extra love and encouragement? That's where the Spring Reset comes in. The Spring Reset helps you build supportive habits and nourishing practices. Spend 14 days cultivating a habit of prioritizing "little acts of love" for yourself each day.

Your Program Includes:

+ More Classes!

Your Aprogram also includes:

- 8 yoga classes for all abilities

- Classes that are supportive to your knees and lower back

- A daily movement schedule

- A 4x per week movement schedule with rest day inspirations and suggestions.

- Lifetime access

Start Your Spring Reset

*Heart + Bones online studio members have the Spring Reset included in their membership. If you're not a member and want the program for free and access to over 350 classes, Join the membership here. 

Spring Reset: All Abilities

On the fence? Read what our community is saying about the Spring Reset

This is great! So accessible and yet still challenging... in a good way. Thanks for the options!


That was a lovely practice after a day in bed feeling sick. My breathing feels better, I'm less achy and your lovely voice has soothed me into relaxation.


My body feels so much much better with little movements...I really enjoy small and slow motions, so this was right up my alley!


This is such a wonderful class. So many bedtime classes focus only on relaxation, but the gentle stretching in this is exactly what I need before ending my day. Thank you!


Spring Reset: All Abilities