Spring Reset: Move

14 Days of Moving With Love

Do you need a little bit of extra love and encouragement? That's where the Spring Reset comes in. The Spring Reset helps you build supportive habits and nourishing practices. Spend 14 days cultivating a habit of prioritizing "little acts of love" for yourself each day.

Your Move Program Includes:

+ More Classes!

Your Move program also includes:

- 8 energizing and easygoing yoga classes focused on mobility, strength for your whole body. 

- Classes to relieve tight hips and shoulders. 

- A daily movement schedule

- A 4x per week movement schedule with rest day inspirations and suggestions.

- Lifetime access

Start your Spring Reset

*Heart + Bones online studio members have the Spring Reset included in their membership. If you're not a member and want the program for free and access to over 350 classes, Join the membership here. 

Spring Reset: Move

Still on the fence? Read what our community is saying:

Wonderful love for the shoulders and body using the strap! I could feel the blood flowing thru my body......amazing! The Savasana was the perfect ending.......

- Nancy

Beautiful! My intention for this season is to tend to my body. Simple as that...so this class seems divinely timed. Thank you

- Ruth

This class was so helpful for working through some "stuck" spots in my lower back and hip. Both feel wonderful now, thank you.

- Jamie

I loved this! I did the class in the morning and felt so light afterward and could tell the difference in my hips - wow. Thank you!

- Katja

The amazing remedy for a student spending their life on a computer, and commuting by bicycle!

- Katie

Spring Reset: Move